Benjamin Moore, the founder was borne in 1855 in Irland (died in 1917)

His father, also Benjamin served in British Army and when retaired he came back to Irland and become a farmer.

In 1872 when he (Benjamin junior) was seventeen he emigrated to New York, like did the most of Irishmen in that time. He stayded in Brooklyn where he found the job as a salesman in the paint craft.

The next years of Benjamin Moore's life was connected with start-up and development the Benjamin Moore & Co. 



In 1883, Benjamin Moore and his brother Robert started a paint business at 55 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. They founded „Moore Brothers Paint Company”. The image beside present mentioned building. 

They had only a mere $2,000 to invest. The company was initially called Moore Brothers, and its first product was „Moore’s® Prepared Calsom Finish”, a wall coating. 




Within a year, the enterprise had made a profit. But the road of young business does not always run smoothly. In the spring 1884, just as Benjamin Moore was getting well started, the building in which the firm was located collapsed and immediately took fire. 

Yet the brothers were back in business three days later in a new location (Walter and Adams Street), displaying a tenacity that would serve their company well throughout its long life. Benjamin and Robert established a New York corporation in 1889; soon after, they incorporated in New Jersey, the company’s current home.

What the logo conveys? What is its history?

Just as it once was diificult to identify the "official" Benjamin Moore & Co. logotype, it's somewhat challenging to unearth the official history of the perennial triangle. Hovewer records from the Benjamin Moore & Co. Archives indicate that it was 1917 by the company's advertising agency, which enthusiastically seized upon the idea of applying the company's three "Is", Intelligence, Industry, and Integrity, to the new design.

Livingstone („L.P.”) Moore, who had assumed the role of president in 1925 after Benjamin Moore's death, approved the idea in principle and suggested that the trademark take form of three pyramids. The three sides of pyramide were to represent the three founding qualities of the company, while the arrangement of the three pyramids also spelled out the first initial of the company name, M.   

Soon after the adoption of the new mark, however, L.P. Moore became frustrated by employes' referral to the three pyramids on their newly pressed service pins as "the three triangles". In his view, the three sides of the pyramid were an important aspect of understanding the company's three principles. However as employees today can attest, the triangle moniker stuck while the idea of pyramids seems to have become lost in the translation. But the staying power of this strong graphic element is undeniable - even with is updated look, it's still dear to the hearts of Benjamin Moore & Co.'s employees and retailers and is a key element of the new logo.  

Logotype presented beside comes from the 1960s. The traingle/M device and brand name were encapsulated in a shield-like shape.  



 In 2002 Benjamin Moore logo was modified. 



This is the newest verion of primary Benjamin Moore logotype used since 2017.    



With our acquisition in 2000 by Berkshire Hathaway, Benjamin Moore joined a family of companies under the direction of Warren Buffett, which embodies success and is distinguished by sustainable brands that shine through the clutter of competition.


Today, Benjamin Moore & Co., a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a high-performing, innovative manufacturer and retailer of quality coatings and provider of related goods and services for decoration and preservation. We continue as a leader in the architectural coatings industry with products that set new standards of excellence. We manufacture at 6 plants located in USA and Canada, distribute from 22 facilities, and sell the finest paints, stains, and finishes through a network of more than 5 500 independent retailers.

In Poland since 1999 an exclusive representative of the Benjamin Moore & Co. is B.M. Polska Sp. z o. o. with headquarter located in Warsaw.