From limewash to the newest technologies

The Benjamin Moore is a one of a kind pioneer which introduces the revolutionary technologies. Since 1883 this legendary brand sets the new directions in the world paint industry, offering the best, luxury paints with the most advanced technical solutions.  

Warren Buffett, the Berkshire Hathaway owner said - "Benjamin Moore's prime objective: first-class paint at all times. Better tomorrow than yesterday". 


The brand hologram - immposible to copy!

Benjamin Moore creates and manufactures its own resins - the binders that make the film and finish of a paint - and colorants - the pigments that give the paint its unique color and hiding characteristics. Then we take these proprietary ingredients and custom-formulate them to optimize their performance in each one of our exclusive paints. This is a key component of our competitive advantage.

Each product is designed to perform - crafted to serve a specific role, to deliver specific benefits. This is the secret behind the superior performance of Benjamin Moore coatings: extraordinary application properties, durability, scrubbability, and longevity.

Competitors may claim they can match Benjamin Moore colors, but the truth is that they can’t.

You can only get true Benjamin Moore colors using Benjamin Moore paint. The reason lies in our manufacturing process. Our paints are created using proprietary colorants and resins and formulated with our patented waterborne technologies. This highly controlled system ensures the quality of Benjamin Moore paints and the purity of our colors.

That's why our all colors are an exceptional and so pure! 


BREATHE EASIER. Working smart and green.

We're committed to developing products that minimize our impact on the environment.
Years before government requirements, we eliminated lead, formaldehyde, and mercury from our paints and met VOC standards and REACH requirements.
We reduce the VOC content in our paints by the introduction of Natura®, Aura®, Regal Select®, Ultra Spec® 500, Super Hide® Zero, Ceiling Paint 508 and ben Chalkboard Paint 308, free of VOC compounds*.

* ZERO VOC - despite the use of the latest technologies in the production process, it is impossible to obtain a paint completely free from volatile organic compounds, i.e. with“ absolute ZERO VOC ”. Our products contain trace amounts of volatile organic compounds, but their negligible content minimizes negative impact on the natural environment and the human environment. American legislation and US industry guidance including EPA Method 24 allow for products containing less than 1g/l VOC to use the designation "zero VOC". It allows to distinguish a product with such a low VOC content from typical paints containing at least a few grams of VOC per 1 liter.
In compliance to the Federal Trade Commission no VOCs are added to paint during the production process. Due to our innovative GENNEX Platform tinting system, which is based on “ZERO VOC” colorants, all of our tinted paints fall within the same "ZERO VOC" classification. 

BENJAMIN MOORE Green Promise® is a best proof that we pay a special attention to the protection of environment and our consumers safety. 
Naturally the biggest possibilities in these fields gave us the introduction of innovative, "green" tinting system GENNEX PLATFORM which serves us and our customers since 2006. 

At Benjamin Moore, we believe in doing things the right way. And that’s why we set out to make our paint the best it can be. 
It wasn’t easy. Over ten years ago, we revamped our entire paint-making process - with new color machines, new formulas, and new colorants. The result? Our exclusive Gennex® Color Technology that delivers gorgeous hues and unsurpassed durability to ensure the Benjamin Moore color you love lasts for years and years. It’s the "why" behind Benjamin Moore’s renowned quality.
Truly One-of-its-Kind Color
Gennex® waterborne colorants give our paints vibrant hues that last for years. 
Our color consistency is the precise result of Benjamin Moore paint and Benjamin Moore Gennex colorant, together. This particular pairing is what makes Benjamin Moore products impossible to replicate. 
Ultra Durable, Remarkably Fade Resistant
Benjamin Moore paint engineered with Gennex Color Technology resists color fading indoors–and stands up to harsh weather conditions outdoors. This means the Benjamin Moore color you love stays truer over time, so you only repaint when you want to, not out of necessity. 
And while other manufacturers’ paints may be less durable with darker colors, thanks to Gennex, you get both premium color and proven longevity across the entire color spectrum.
Environmentally Responsible
When we launched Gennex, we were the first company in the U.S. to introduce a zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) waterborne tinting system. The innovation of Gennex enables our zero-VOC* paints to remain zero-VOC even after being tinted with Gennex colorants, an impossibility with generic, all-purpose colorant. 
Gennex is a testament to Benjamin Moore’s dedication to meet or exceed the most stringent environmental standards. With over 3,500 colors, you can pick the exact color you need, and know you’ve been environmentally responsible with each and every one of them.

We are interested only in perfection. 
In eight research and development laboratories at our 80,000-square-foot facility in Flanders, New Jersey, more than 100 chemists, chemical engineers, technicians, and support staff ensure that our formulations are best in class, whether commercial or premium coating.
Each lab focuses on a different area of expertise, from evaluating color standards to enhancing high-performance coatings designed for industrial facilities. We continually test and improve our existing products before they go to market and continually research and develop new products to meet our customers’ needs. This commitment to research and innovation has led Benjamin Moore to a number of industry firsts.  

We treat our paints badly ...

At our outdoor "test farm", we subject our coatings to every kind of weather condition for months or even years.

Data gathered from more than 22,000 panels provide our chemists with invaluable insights and information.

Detailed analysis of the achieved results with connection with laboratory tests in conditions of accelerated aged let us to carry out the best modifications.  


Popular Science award „Best of What’s New”.  

Aura®  product line with ColorLock® Technology gained the prestigious award of the famous magazine "Popular Science". They used the name "Super Paint".  Aura sets the new standards, presents completely new technology and shifts a quality of acrylic paint to a highest level.

Combined with "Color Stories" color palette it creates exceptional "living shades" which change depending on light source type, time of day or seasons.   

Aura. The finest paint we have ever made! 


Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X® The New Paint Category!

Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X® is a revolutionary, high-performance, one-component latex paint designed for high-traffic commercial areas.

Hallways, stairwells, lobbies and waiting rooms, offices, conference rooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, restrooms, fitting rooms, service entrances - for all theses spaces our new paints with a special SCUFF-RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY which resist scuffing before it starts are the best! 


SCUFF-X received the Grand Award (1st place) in the Product Innovations Program category by BUILDINGS media.

The other awards included the 2017 Editors’ Choice award from Architectural Record’s Product of the Year, and the Best Product Award from The Architect’s Newspaper

Architect's Newspaper speaks directly to leaders in architecture and design with news, products, developments, trends, and updates. The Best of Product Awards is an opportunity for designers and manufacturers to reach our audience—an eclectic mix of top-tier architects, designers, and taste-makers.