Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint Satin Finish 526

Waterborne, interior, latex acrylic "Zero VOC*" paint with revolutionary „ColorLock Technology”, which creates elegant, satin finish with exceptional color depth and technical parameters.


Rich and elegant. Expressive and provocative. Paint and color that evoke memories, create moods and revolutionize the idea of what it means to paint a room. That’s Aura, only from Benjamin Moore. Open your eyes and dream. Close your eyes and see.

Cutting-edge color science. ColorLock® Technology”.

Thanks to new, breakthrough technology you will feel the power of true, rich colors and save them forever!

Benjamin Moore Aura® paint offers the most advanced way to bring color to your life, while simplifying your efforts, through this next generation of paint.

Our breakthrough paint technology, called ColorLock® Technology”is the only one of its kind in the industry, bringing you discernibly richer, truer color paired with incomparable performance.


How does it work?

In conventional paint the particles of colorants (yellow) adhere loosely to the dispersion molecules (blue in color). They are no uniformly dispersed in the paint structure. In the result we can observe some wrong coloristic changes under the influence of UV radiation and repeated washing of paint layer.  

Our exclusive Color Lock® Technologymicroscopically bonds the highest quality color pigments tightly to the paint for extraordinary results. Color pigments are locked into the paint film. forming the specicfic capsules.

Effect? Colors are deeper, richer and more enticing than ever before. Applies smoothly and evenly with fewer coats. Washable and durable in any sheen and any color for a fresh-paint look year after year. Color Lock, advanced paint technology. Only from Benjamin Moore.

Exclusive „ColorLock® Technology” distinguishes Aura from virtually every other paint on the market - it's that remarkable.


 General description: waterborne, latex acrylic "Zero VOC"* paint, intended for decorative and protective painting of interior walls and ceilings, as well as additional elements like doors, trims, cabinets, panels, cornices, rosettes, etc. 

• Features: the product characterizes extreme hiding power (in the most colors one coat system is enough, max. 2 coats), exceptional resistance to washing and wet-scrubbing - class 1 [2µm] according to Standard PN-EN 13300superior stain and mildew resistance, exceptional flow and leveling properties, incredible color retention (under the influence of UV radiation), quick drying time and low odor. 

Due to "Zero VOC"* formula we reduced to minimum possibility of appearing allergy reactions.

* ZERO VOC - despite the use of the latest technologies in the production process, it is impossible to obtain a paint completely free from volatile organic compounds, i.e. with“ absolute ZERO VOC ”. Our products contain trace amounts of volatile organic compounds, but their negligible content minimizes negative impact on the natural environment and the human environment. American legislation and US industry guidance including EPA Method 24 allow for products containing less than 1g/l VOC to use the designation "zero VOC". It allows to distinguish a product with such a low VOC content from typical paints containing at least a few grams of VOC per 1 liter.

In compliance to the Federal Trade Commission no VOCs are added to paint during the production process. Due to our innovative GENNEX Platform tinting system, which is based on “ZERO VOC” colorants, all of our tinted paints fall within the same "ZERO VOC" classification. 

Paint meets the LEED® v4 Credit requirements.

Benjamin Moore Green Promise™ - to ensure your safety and protection of natural environment. 

Benjamin Moore Green Promise™ designation is Benjamin Moore’s assurance that its environmental friendly coatings meet and exceed the strictest industry standards, while also delivering the premium levels of performance our consumers expect from Benjamin Moore. 


• Recommended for: traditional cement-lime and cement plasters, thin-layered mineral and acrylic plasters, high quality gypsum filling materials, gypsum substrates, dry walls, wallpapers, construction building blocks, concrete, latex paint coats renovation, wood and wooden-like surfaces.

It’s also possible to apply the paint to primed or previously painted metal substrates and prepared and primed with a special adhesion primer glass, ceramic tiles or glass-fiber. 

 Colors: white and full range of colors (tinting bases) in innovative Benjamin Moore tinting system GENNEX Platform. Paint available additionally in Affinity®, Color Stories® and Williamsburg®color collections, especially dedicated to Aura paints.

• Gloss grade: satin

• Wet-scrub resistance - classification according to Standard PN-EN 13300: Class 1 – with incredible result, loss of only 2 µm of paint layer thickness after 200 cycles of scrubbing!

• Coverage: approx. 10-12 m2/l

• Packages: 0,95 l; 3,78 l 

• Download the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET [447 kB]