Color Samples Affinity

Waterborne color samples in form of ready mixed 144 Affinity's shades dedicated to Aura paint line. Eggshell.

Colors of the walls are essential subject of not only family discusions. The women have a wider knowladge about surroundings colors and in the most cases women are in charge of theirs selection. However it does not mean, that they face to easy task. Thousands of shades and need of toleration of variety tastes.  

You are in paint store and selecting color. Then painter is applying paint on walls all around the room. Sudenly you realized that someting is wrong... This color is not good ....  

How many times the color applied on the wall differed from selected one from a fan deck in the paint store? 

Unfortunately you discovered it too late, just after the whole interior was painted.

Sometimes it's hard to believe how the same color changes depends on type of light and its source. Below picture presents this relationship.  

direct sunshine indirect sunshine

Can you see the difference? You didn't expect that it could be so big. In case of artificial light and the candles light this difference is much bigger.

In order to save your time and money, Benjamin Moore & Co. introduced to its offer Color Samples Affinity™, in very small packages.  

Color Samples Affinity™, are dedicated to Aura exclusive product line and consist 60 ml of Aura Eggschell 524, waterborne, latex acrylic paint giving the beautiful eggshell finish. Such small amount of paint allows to paint approx. 50 cm² of surface and it's enough to check the color before the final color and paint selection.

Affinity color collection comprised of 144 versatile hues, each designed to work on their own, or harmoniously in combination with one another. Inspired by global fashion trends, far-flung locales and the beauty of nature, and endorsed by designers from coast to coast.

The Affinity Color Collection adds sophistication, elegance, depth and richness to interior settings. Palette were inspirated by three broad themes: Eclectic Chic, Pure Harmony and Global Artisan.