Ultra Spec® 500 Interior Flat Finish N536

Waterborne, flat, latex acrylic paint with zero-VOC content and innovative „Cross-Linking Resin Technology” technology. Flat

Ultra performance and application for professional results every time!



General description: waterborne, flat, latex acrylic paint with zero-VOC content and innovative „Cross-Linking Resin Technology” technology.

Product intended for painting of interior walls and ceilings as well as additional elements like cornices and rosettes. 

Due to ecological nature (zero VOCs in both the base and the colorants), the paint reduces to minimum possibility of appearing allergy reactions. That's why it's a specially recommended for painting bedrooms, living rooms, kid rooms, kindergartens, hospitals and surgeries.  

The newest patent-pending solution „Cross-Linking Resin Technology” delivers increased durability of the dry paint film, significant extends the life of the coating and improves the hiding power properties.  

Below you can see how does the new technology work!

In conventional latex paint, after application, during drying process called coalescence, the water evaporates and the particles "melt" together as a polymer strands intermingle. Finally the coat is created in the form of matrix.

In Ultra Spec 500 with „Cross-Linking Resin" technology, the individual polymer strands chemically link together, forming a film that is tough, yet flexible. In effect we can observe the additional "bridges" like elements. 

Features: ULTRA SPEC® 500 INTERIOR FLAT FINISH N536 creates flat finish, resistant to washing with water (after min. 14 days). The product characterizes 0 VOC content, no odor emission, typically for conventional paints consisting VOCs, excellent hiding power, high durability and color retention, quick drying time and very good technical as well as application parameters.

Mentioned above features cause that the product is recommended not only for painting residential objects but also public health care objects, schools, kindergartens and food care objects. Meets the LEED® requirements. 



Recommended for: traditional mineral, cement-lime and cement plasters, thin-layered mineral and acrylic plasters, gypsum patch compounds and fillers, drywalls, wallpapers, building blocks, concrete, latex (generally dispersion and emulsion paints) paints renovation, previously primed wooden, plywood and metal surfaces.

Colors: wide range of pastels colors (1X tinting base) in innovative Benjamin Moore tinting system GENNEX Platform.

Gloss grade: flat

Coverage: approx. 12 m2/l.

Packages: 3,78 l; 18,9 l


Green Promise™ - to ensure your safety and protection of natural environment.

Green Promise™ designation is Benjamin Moore’s assurance that its environmental friendly coatings meet and exceed the strictest industry standards, while also delivering the premium levels of performance our consumers expect from Benjamin Moore. 


Create the ecologically and safe climate. 

Do you know why other producers do not offer the real green paint with zero VOC (volatile organic compunds) content?

The answer is obvious. Because only Benjamin Moore's paints are tinted in innovative, ecologicall tinting system, based on the colorants completely free of harmful VOCs. In the result only we keep the promise of real green product with 0 VOCs independently of choosen color - from white to black! The others do not.