„UNMATCHABLE” – the new Benjamin Moore brand marketing campaign
shows in a humorous way how the legendary American producer
of premium paints protects its greatest treasure - COLORS.
Material for people with strong nerves ...

We warn you, do not try…

The famous FIG agency, the same that in 2019 developed an eloquent advertising campaign "See the Love" for the Benjamin Moore brand, this time undertook a much more difficult challenge.
How to warn customers against the effects of copying Benjamin Moore's colors in paints from other manufacturers and prove that this activity is doomed to failure?
Benjamin Moore & Co. creates paints with unique formulas and colorants that leverage GENNEX® Color Technology.
That’s why colors can’t simply be matched in another brand’s paint.

When you find a perfect color, nothing else will do…

When it comes to color, choosing the right shades may be more important than we think, and research confirms the close relationship between mental health and the colors in our immediate environment.
So much in theory. Practice shows how difficult it is to choose the final color palette and only a few people make this decision with extreme ease ...
Once you’ve picked the right color, it’s important to remember - the choice of PAINT BRAND.

I will tell you a story…

Or actually two, included in the humorous advertising spots „Lights” and „Grow on Us”.
Ross Fletcher, creative director of FIG, noted that we are somewhat obsessed with our own homes and that it is important to show the risk of inadequate color matching.
We show the reactions of household members observing (and regretting) the mistakes they make, which for an outside observer seems very funny in itself.

The videos "Lights" and "Grow on Us" by the EPOCH and MACKCUT agencies present the above-mentioned reactions showing two couples who decided to achieve colors selected from the Benjamin Moore palette, but “matched” the color using paints from other manufacturers.
Both spots are deliberately kept in a dark atmosphere, so they can be associated with "black humor", even ... with horror films (especially the ending of the video"Grow on Us"). The faces of the characters rarely show a smile, and the presented interiors are not very attractive. All because the walls were not painted with Benjamin Moore paints and for breaking the basic rule, our heroes received a lesson from life ...

Lesson #1 - „Lights”

The heroes of the film - they fell in love with Benjamin Moore color "Dry Sage 2142-40". However, sloppy faces clearly communicate "We've learned a lesson."
Where does all this color frustration come from? They bought the paint from another manufacturer in the hope that the favorite shade will always be the same as what they selected… Here Bill and Ruth are staring at the painted wall, dissatisfied with the result on their faces. "Something did not work", because the shade of Benjamin Moore color does not match the color of the wall...
So, she dims the light in the interior, and he tries to "match" the color to… the wall.
They finally get close, but the room is entirely dark.

Lesson # 2 - „Grow on us”

See the faces of Max and Kim? They don't look happy.
One day they fall in love with Benjamin Moore's "Van Deusen Blue HC-156" color, but they also decided to cut corners... They tried to "match" the color using a different brand of paint. Failed to.
We rarely admit to making mistakes, so we are not surprised by the idea that the resigned couple came up with. In a sense accepting failure, they decided to wait a little longer. Maybe one day, in the future, they will like the color of the paint... They waited for “a while”, and they “did not fit together anyway” 

What's the moral of that?

Thanks to Benjamin Moore’s unique colorants and formulas, its beautiful colors can’t be copied by other paint producers. NEVER CUT CORNERS ... don't even try.

Never trust another paint to be a Benjamin Moore color.UNMATCHABLE.

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