Color Pulse® 2013

Explore the future of color in Benjamin Moore's award-winning, internationally acclaimed color forecast.

Color Pulse 2013, Benjamin Moore's highly anticipated annual paint color trend forecast, examines the concept of Intersection—the convergence and interplay of unexpected colors, materials, spaces and ideas—and the emerging influences that will shape tomorrow's color palette. 

Explore Intersection's themes of Flow, Cycle, Animate and Connect—and experience the next generation of color and design aesthetics for 2013.

Read about Color Pulse 2013 in a special edition of Nuance™ magazine


Color Pulse® 2012

Our lives are enriched by conservation and enhancing the natural world. Preservation is a call to embrace the wonder of nature and the rhythms of its changes. The journey along the way becomes as important as the outcome.

For 2012, four key elements support the theme of Preservation: Heritage, Process, Protection, and Enlightenment. We are enlightened to move forward towards a kaleidoscopic vision for a sustainable future. Benjamin Moore's Color Pulse forecast has won awards and international recognition.