Color Trends 2013 

Inspired by trends in art, fashion and interior design from around the world, our color experts have created these exciting new color palettes to help you find the perfect colors for your home.

See before-and-after photos of room transformations using different paint color schemes… and get inspired! Transform your world!

One Bedroom, Two Looks

New Traditional is a fresh interpretation of classic elegance showcases bold colors and patterns that create a warm, inviting retreat.

Classic navy provides a crisp backdrop for light-colored furniture. The deep tone on the walls is tempered by softer colors on the trim and ceiling.

In the second look, a geometric pattern on the ceiling provides an artistic complement to romantic coral walls. 

The scheme "New Traditional" consists the following colors: dusty mauve 2174-40, seapearl OC-19, baja dunes 997, golden straw 2152-50 oraz evening dove 2128-30.

Below you can see the same interior space before the transformation.  

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One Living Room, Two Looks.

Artisian - a rich and inviting palette evocative of treasured antiques, eclectic finds and distant journeys. 

In the first version, a rich earth tone on the ceiling is complemented by blue-gray walls, creating an ambience that exudes warmth and comfort.

In the second version, deep gray accent walls highlight the architectural details of the fireplace. The darker color is balanced by a subtle yellow on the adjoining walls.


The scheme "Artisan" consists the following colors: pittsfield buff HC-24, silhouette AF-655, monterey white HC-27, sea haze 2137-50 oraz satchel AF-240.

Below you can see the same interior space before the transformation.   

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One Kitchen, Two Looks 

This palette of crisp, chic hues and unexpected contrasts conveys a cool, cosmopolitan vibe.

In this city-chic kitchen, rich golden yellow pairs with luscious navy to provide an unexpected alternative to the traditional black-and-white color scheme.

In the second look, soft yet sophisticated colors accentuate the crisp white cabinetry. The painted stencil design creates a unique backsplash.    

The scheme "Urbanite" consists the following colors: sparrow AF-720, camouflage 2143-40, moonlight white OC-125, marblehead gold HC-11 oraz polo blue 2062-10.

Below you can see the same interior space before the transformation.   

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One Home Office, Two Looks

Coastal is a refreshing, nature-inspired palette infused with a contemporary sensibility that transcends the expected.

A fresh paint color on wood paneling instantly transforms this space. Seashore-inspired blues instill an air of calmness in the room.

In the second version, the soft colors of sand and sea harmonize to create an easy, relaxing atmosphere. 

The scheme "Coastal" consists the following colors: tranquility AF-490, lemon sorbet 2019-60 (2013 Color of the Year), van courtland blue HC-145, simply white OC-117, a także stratton blue HC-142.

Below you can see the same interior space before the transformation.   

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2013 Color of the Year - "lemon sorbet" 2019-60 !

Luscious lemon sorbet (2019-60), our Color of the Year for 2013, is the perfect transitional color between the mid-tones and saturated colors seen in today's home furnishings and the softer, lighter pastels which are emerging for 2013.

This beautiful yellow harmonizes with other trending pastels in the mint, coral, pink, blue, and vanilla families. Uplifting without being overpowering, lemon sorbet (2019-60) complements almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.