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The world around us and the currency of the moment affect the way we feel in that moment—and that affects how we look at and create our homes. To understand those feelings heading into 2014, we spent the usual time understanding the latest looks in haute couture, home fashion, textiles, the arts and culture—but we also spent time listening to and understanding how the core Benjamin Moore customer lives. Our Color Trends 2014 palette is less about where you’re going and more about where you come from—while most of your life requires you to be absolutely up to the moment, when you come home to this palette, we want to be sure you’re fully in the moment.


Just breathe.

Forget the phones, the screens and the email.

Take inspiration from comfort and simplicity.

Take a leap and reinvent what you know.

Take a moment to exhale.

And come home...


...to a Breath of Fresh Air.

Benjamin Moore unveiled its highly anticipated Color of the Year for 2014 to be "Breath of Fresh Air" (color number 806) as part of its Color Trends 2014 palette. Breath of Fresh Air is a gorgeous, ethereal blue serving as a "new neutral" that is livable and functional.


"We chose Breath of Fresh Air because we were seeing it across several different environments—it's our new neutral. Our Color of the Year and Color Trends 2014 palette is a direct result of the fresh color cues and pastel trends we've seen throughout the home furnishing, fashion and even pop culture landscape." - said Ellen O'Neill, Benjamin Moore Creative Director.


Benjamin Moore - color of the year for 2014


Benjamin Moore - color trends 2014 and color of the year Benjamin Moore and its color for the 2014


The Color Trends 2014 neutral palette was curated to help you find and create those moments of sanctuary and exhale in your home. We assembled this palette to work together; to provide the flow and coordination you need to create a home that offers more than just shelter.


Benjamin Moore - new neutral palette

benjamin moore - pastel hues


benjamin moore pink hues for 2014 pink hues from benjamin moore



benjamin moore hot hues in 2014

benjamin moore gray and green hues green and gray hues from Benjamin Moore


neutral hues in color trends palette from Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Poland - color trends 2014


benjamin moore white hues in color trends 2014 palette





Benjamin Moore's white hues for 2014


Benjamin Moore in poland - color trends 2014                

Benjamin Moore - color of the year-breath of fresh air Benjamin Moore - color of the year-breath of fresh air nr 806