Discover the Color Stories™ secrets!

We created the most extraordniary and astonishing collection of color stories. We discovered the new dimension in whole world of colors. It's a real breaktrough in the paint color technology and sience.

Evoke some stories closed in 8  volumes and create the individually climate in your room.

“We have broken all the rules with the creation of Color Stories, and have achieved colors we’ve never been able to before” -  these words of Ray Gomez, Color Marketing Director of Benjamin Moore & Co. reflect the nature of new palette.   

Every Color Is Its Own Story

"A soft linen tablecloth - drying on the clothesline - made a perfect stage for our impromptu childhood plays".

"Just a right shade of green - with a slightly hint of yellow - brings to mind lush gardens of springtimes lilies, sprinkled with morning dew".  

"That satin dress, fluttering softly in the sammer breeze, matches the deep gray-blue of her eyes".    

It seems that generally in the field of interiors color everything was said. Today you have thousands of shades and different gloss grades which provide a wide range of decorative possibilities. For us it's still not enough.   

The idea of new project was crazy and ambitious. Is it possible to create the color palette completely diffrent from the other ones - mysterious, emotional, dynamic, full of life and surprising?

The result of whole long months of color and technology specialists intensive work is creation of such palette - Color Stories™.

Why is Color Stories™ so extraordinary?  

Two hundred forty, one-of-a-kind full-spectrum colors have been meticulously handcrafted into a astanoishing collection - a palette so vibrant and exquisite that every color is best appreciated once the paint is applied. Color Stories™ is available only in exclusive product line Aura®.

Each color creates depth, overtones, nuance and luminosity not found in ordinary paints. From natural morning light to artifical or illumination, these colors take on different characteristics and appearances throughout the day.

Color Stories™ collection is presented in exceptional form - 8 volumes. 

Evoking emotions and feelings, each unique blend offers a story and a personality behind each hue.

The secret comes from the source - the formula. 

Color Stories™ is a full-spectrum color collection. Unlike conventional formulas, the unique Color Stories palette does not use black or gray tints. Instead, 5 to 7 pigments are incorporated per color - while standard methods generally utilize 2-3 pigments. Blended in very precise amounts, these full-spectrum colors yield a complex visual dynamic that delivers an unexpected experience.

The end result is color with greater clarity and purity that are more vibrant and richer then traditional colors.

Mentioned above fact that all the Color Stories hues formulations do not use black and gray colorants at all plays a key role in the final esthetic results. Why?  

Please consider the following exapmle. If the gray shade of paint was achieved by the application of blue, brown, red and green hues in one formula, the light changing through the day (depending also on its source) will make more visable the given colorant/colorants. In the result you will observe plenty of light changes, which are not present in case of the other paint formulated in conventional method (using black and gray pigments).    

The science behind the art.

Each Color Stories™ color is crafted using Benjamin Moore's patented zero VOC colorants Gennex and our ultimate performance paint Aura®.  marki Benjamin Moore. Revolutionary technology ColorLock® Technology found only in Aura® makes it possible to precisely blend all of the pigments in full spectrum colors for results with incredible richeness and depth. Our exclusive waterborne paint and colorant system enebles us to bring you one-of-a-kind colors that are nearly impossible to duplicate.

In fact our exclusive, waterborne paint Aura® and ecological colorants create the colors which are impossible to copy by the competitors.

All shades presented in Color Stories™ fan deck are painted using AURA 524 paint. Only in that way it was possible to show the real hue and exceptional depth of each color.

The sublime effect.

Setting your own color idenity with whatever hue or comination of colors you choose provides a true freedom of expression that all will envy. Color Stories™ colors offer unparalleled hues, each with light-affecting qualities that bring dimension and luminosity to any space. These handcrafted colors were chosen for their verstility and dependability no matter the architectural style or lighting environments. The results speaks for themselves.    

Evoke the stories closed in volumes.  

Color Stories™ collection was captured in 8 volumes: „Shades of gray”, „Naturally neutral”, „Earthen hues”, „Violet twilight”, „Fluid blues”, „Elemental greens”, „Golden fields”oraz „Fiery sunset”.

„Shades of gray”
You'll neverlook at gay the same way again. The spectacular anthology explores the subtle side of gray, introducing undertones of brown, blue and green for colors with surprising nuance and life.



„Naturally neutral”
These neutrals form a plot that's understatedly dynamic. Incorporating hints of greens, yellows and oranges, they offer depth and dimensionality, weather used alone or paired with hues from other Color Stories™ volumes.



„Earthen hues”
Organic in nature, this sooting, rich palette spans a range that includes brown tones to rose hues, incorporating blushes of color that counterbalance deeper shades. The result is enchanting especialily when multiple colors are used throughout a space.    



„Violet twilight”
Like the layers of color in an evening sky, this palette creates a sensational narrative on the violet-purple theme. Ranging from deepest amethyst to a dream-like pale violet, a stroy unfolds that includes beautiful blue-tinted variations.



„Fluid blues”
A volume full of refreshing sea-inspirated shades, but the plot goes much deeper... These hues were carefully chosen for their sense of movement, shifting fluidly through waves of gray-blues to aquas and into the deep.



„Elemental greens”
Environmental essences combine to tell a fresh tale of nature - from spring's yellow-greens to the blued grays of woodland shadows. Both soothing and invigorating, they work harmoniously together and are a natural choice for any room.  



„Golden Fields”
Inspirated by nature's heartland, these colors create a story woven with earthy shades, creamy tones and hints of green. Gold-kissed, each color offers a pleasant familiarity that will bring a sense of comfort and warmth to you home.



„Fiery sunset”
Bursting with energy, this group of sun-touched tints virtually radiates warmth to fill your rooms with a congenial glow. Carefully selected hues that are soft and serene offer a neutral element that complements the more fiery reds and oranges, creating a harmonious balance.     


Create your own story.

We invite you to leaf through our exquisite color "volumes" to find the Color Stories™ hues that speak to you.  

How to order the Color Stories™ shades?

Each shade from Color Stories™ palette has its own identification number and is signed as "CSP”. All are available only in Aura® paints (522, 524 i 532) tinted in innovative tinting system GENNEX® Platform of Benjamin Moore®