Benjamin Moore in „Bought and what next?” TV program

17 września 2020

„Bought and what’s next? ” 
(original title „Kupione i co dalej?”) 
Formalities, picking-up the key and then the first entry to the awaited, still empty house. The apartment is bought, but what next?
Marta Czerkies running her own program at Domo + comes to the rescue.
In five episodes of the third season of the program - 5 (September 19), 6 (September 26),
7 (October 3), 8 (October 10) and 9 (October 17), the presented interiors will be painted with legendary Benjamin Moore paints.

picture: Bernadetta Kuczyńska PHOTOGRAPHY  
Concrete and raw plaster…. 
We are happy to buy apartments in a developer standard. This one of the most important decisions involves a lot of formalities.
We pick up the keys, open the door and it appears to our eyes lunar landscape ...
Raw, uneven plaster and concrete everywhere.
The next stage of work is ahead of us, during which we have to make many important decisions regarding the arrangement of space, the choice of materials, the right person responsible for the project and the executive team who will implement it ...
picture: Bernadetta Kuczyńska PHOTOGRAPHY   
The choices we make will have a huge impact on our satisfaction, quality of life and, importantly, the value of the apartment in case of the possible future sale.
picture: Bernadetta Kuczyńska PHOTOGRAPHY  
Solo or "turnkey"?
“We have to answer this question ourselves. Much depends on the available budget, requirements, and our availability to coordinate all works in the purchased apartment. Sometimes we have no idea how long it all takes. And especially today, time is money. I am responsible for the entire finish - from concrete to the smallest details, e.g. the choice of pillows” - explains architect Marta Czerkies, host of the program and owner Marta Czerkies Home Designer.
"Clients ask if it is worth implementing a project in the Premium standard. I will refer to the budget again, but the key is to define the purpose of the investment. Will it be a residential or rental apartment. In the first case, I always urge you to use the best materials, in the second - not necessarily”Marta Czerkies adds. 
Color and paint 
In five episodes of the third season of the program - 5 (September 19), 6 (September 26), 7 (October 3), 9 (October 17) and 10 (October 24), the presented interiors will be painted with legendary Benjamin Moore paints.
If we don't manage to watch the premiere episodes on the given dates, we will also see them in several reruns during the week.
“This is our first adventure with Benjamin on the program and I am glad that we were able to cooperate. And what can be said about these iconic paints? A beautiful palette of over 3,500 colors and Premium quality. Personally, I think that it is worth investing in the best paint, just like we think about permanent interior items. Since a sofa, wardrobes or an oven will stay with us for 5, 7 or 10 years, the best paint will also withstand a similar period of time, because thanks to a special recipe it will ensure full washability and resistance to stains.
I am talking about the actual resistance that the customer will check in person, and not about impressive manufacturer's declarations included in the technical specifications.
Of course, we react to trends and probably for this reason we change the colors of the walls much more often. I finally found out why the shades of the brand cannot be copied using paints from other manufacturers.
However, I was most interested in the COLOR STORIES® collection. The colors from this palette change depending on the lighting and the time of day, and they are closer to the art of great masters than simply painting walls ...” - explains Marta Czerkies.
Designer and "family friend"
We often wonder what it is like to be responsible for the overall design of an apartment. A space where we spend most of our free time, and where some of us also work remotely.
A designer undertaking a turnkey finishing of an apartment must be able to combine his essential profession with perfect coordination of all construction, installation and finishing works.
"That's true" - confirms Marta Czerkies and adds - "The owners of a newly purchased apartment together with the keys give the designer a lot of responsibility, not only the material liability. First of all, they let us into their inner world. Without this element, blank spaces would arise, not adapted to the preferences of clients. Will the customers be satisfied? You will find out about it soon in the new Saturday episodes BOUGHT AND WHAT'S NEXT on the Domo + TV channel ”.