Benjamin Moore presents SCUFF-X. THE NEW PAINT CATEGORY!

31 maja 2019
You don’t need a magic wand to remove scuffing. 
Waterborne, single-component acrylic paint with innovative, revolutionary „Scuff-Resistant Technology” which resists scuffing before it starts.
Specifically engineered to deliver outstanding performance and protection for the toughest high-traffic areas in busy commercial spaces.
Hotels, schools, conference rooms, hospitals – everywhere scuffing… 
Scuffing from heavy suitcase, plastic buckle backpack, a vacuum cleaner tube, plastic chair are the big problem in case of conventional paints.
The black marks are visible and it’s impossible to remove them with intensive wet scrubbing. The only one solution is repainting the wall. 
How to forget about scuffing? 
New paint Scuff-X™ with innovative „Scuff-Resistant Technology” is the best solution.
It rovides the excellent properties in the spaces like hallways and stairwells, hotels, waiting rooms, restrooms, offices, schools, gymnasiums and locker rooms,  fitting rooms, stores, hospitals and surgeries. 
This breakthrough product offers superior durability, cleanability and scuff-resistant properties than traditional 2-component coatings, without the strong odor, pre-mixing, short pot-life and application difficulties related to similar products.
It will hold up to repeated cleaning and washing without causing any permanent damage to the paint. The beautiful eggshell finish is perfect hallways, fitting rooms and waiting areas. The paint is also available in matte finish. 
There is no scuffing on the left side of panel painted with our new paint. 
Instead the black mark in the place of contact mechanical factor with painted wall we can observe only the gloss-grade change. 
Warning: the Scuff-X paint is not resistant to mechanical damages, which destroy paint layer and substrate. In spite the excellent durability and resistance of final finish, some plastics can cause black marks impossible to remove from the surface. 
SCUFF-X® Outperforms the Competition. 
Our test results have shown that SCUFF-X delivers superior scuff-resistance as compared to leading competitive products designed for high-traffic areas.
Unlike the competition, our scuff-resistant formula combats scuffing from the outset, resulting in minimal maintenance. 
Paint creates the eggshell or matte finish resistant to wash and wet-scrubbing as well exceptional resistant to stains (ketchup, mustard, coffee, coca-cola, etc.).
Products dries quick and prevent to microorganism developing on the paint finishes with Scuff-X paint. Product meets the LEED® requirements (v4 credit).  
Awards & Recognition for SCUFF-X®
SCUFF-X earned three high-profile awards. 
The paint received the Grand Award (1st place) in the Product Innovations Program category by BUILDINGS media.

The other awards included the 2017 Editors’ Choice award from Architectural Record’s Product of the Year, and the Best Product Award from The Architect’s Newspaper.