SEE THE LOVE - the new Benjamin Moore 2020/21 ad campaign

13 marca 2020

„See the Love”

Benjamin Moore’s new ad campaign 2020/21 is founded on principles established by the company since its inception in 1883 – a relentless focus on quality and care.


Clear vision, ONE FAMILY…
Homeowners, painters, retailers, architects, designers, and employees are all part of our Benjamin Moore family. 
“See the Love” ad campaign depicts the emotional impact of paint while reflecting Benjamin Moore's focus on quality to transform the lives of its customers and communities according to our vision: To inspire and transform homes, communities, and lives one brushstroke at a time”).
The Benjamin Moore started with a reimagined vision statement to showcase its commitment to the community through inspiration and transformation.
In the launch year of the campaign, there is a focus on the contractor which is in response to more people looking to experts for their painting jobs. This is reflected within the home improvement industry as there is a shift away from do-it-yourself (DIY) to do-it-for-me (DIFM).
Benjamin Moore paints change our lives
“As a brand, Benjamin Moore fosters a sense of community,”said Steve O’Neill, Benjamin Moore chief marketing officer and added: 

“We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and supporting those who work to transform the communities in which they live. Through the ‘See the Love’ campaign, we demonstrate how love, with the help of high-quality paint, can make a difference in people’s lives. We believe that paint has the power to transform a job into a calling for contractors, a business into a passion for retailers, a vision into reality for designers and architects and a house into a home for homeowners. For Benjamin Moore employees, this new campaign highlights personal pride in the work they do.”.

Who is behind all of this?


“SEE THE LOVE” is the brand’s first integrated campaign with new, famous creative partner, FIG, which serves clients like Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Casper, CNN, Diageo or Vimeo.

To bring this new brand positioning to life, FIG tapped Academy Award-winning film and commercial director Errol Morris.

"While building this campaign, we spoke to everyone from contractors to homeowners to paint retailers, and got a better understanding of how paint inspires them. The thing that really stood out to us was when contractors spoke about the reason they do what they do. They want to make people happy by transforming their homes - their work is a form of love. We immediately knew that's where this campaign had to live" - said Scott Vitrone, CCO, FIG

The paint is not only visible. We can hear it ...


The trick is to get a person's attention. But the real feat is to get the attention of ... a sparrow ...
Why did this little bird sit on the window frame?
Perhaps he did it quite accidentally, or maybe fully consciously, because he was captivated by the freshness of Benjamin Moore's "Morning Sky Blue 2053-70"? Watch the video. 

The campaign features a 60-second “Anthem” spot that encapsulates Benjamin Moore’s values across all of its audiences.

In addition to radio, print and digital executions, the campaign is further supported with 30-, 15-, and 6-second ads.

The creative (directed by Errol Morris) uses a male voiceover with a gruff voice who delivers what are meant to be inspirational and empowering messages related to love and community, with images of contractors preparing for work and then carefully painting and restoring homes.  

On one of the videos, you can even hear the specific sound of a roller loaded with paint.

Benjamin Moore showed the process of painting somewhat "from the kitchen". 

Watching advertising spots, we get the impression that we are just in painted interiors and we must be careful not to touch the fresh applied paint.

We hear conversations at the store shelf and understand the dilemmas when choosing the right shade, looking at appetizing chips with colors.

We see the effort and enormous concentration of the contractor, pride of work performed, and finally the joy of the owners.

We see the love…