The first Benjamin Moore Retailer in Germany.

27 czerwca 2019

Benjamin Moore legendary paints available in Germany.

We are so proud that we can officially present our first Authorized Business Partner in Germany - “M.Wellbrock Malerwerkstatt-Decke-Wand-Boden & Fassade GmbH”  located in Drochtersen where opened the showroom and on-line store. 

Drochtersen is a municipality in the district Stade, in Lower Saxony. It is located 45 km north west of Hamburg.

The owner, Mirko Wellbrock is an experienced, professional painter which started his business thirty years ago. 

What does he think about the American brand?  

“For me, Benjamin Moore creates the best paints using patented, newest technologies and provides the best color palettes to choose from. Benjamin Moore’s quality gives every room and every surface a unique look”. 

Luxury brand changes the rules... 

Now the customers from Germany can order the most prestigious, luxury paints available on this pristine region. 

In the showroom they will find all color tools, including the attractive, illuminated stand presenting the most popular Benjamin Moore color palettes with color chips. They can take them and check the shade in their homes. There is a big logotype under the stand and some pictures from Benjamin Moore history on the showroom walls. 

This is the highest time to invite colors to houses of Germans. 

“We knew that the Germans love domestic brands but during the last few years we observed the increased interest in Benjamin Moore colors. In Poland each week we achieved some questions regarding this exceptional brand, for example from well-known designers studios which carry out some projects all around the world, including German market but also from individual customers. The social media plays an important role in brand promotion and recognition. When we asked the consumer where they saw the Benjamin Moore colors and how did they know the brand from, in general they answered they saw them on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. Some of them pointed out that they heard about Benjamin from friends which traveled to USA”explains Jerzy Bylica, Member of The Board from BM Polska company. 

“We are glad we opened our first retailer in Deutschland, hope it will be a great experience for both of us and we achieve success. German market is different from our but it’s very potential and I’m sure we will take this opportunity. But of course we keep in mind the famous proverb - Rome was not built at once” explains Marek Waśniewski, Member of The Board and Sale Director from BM Polska company. 

From the self-employment to several dozen employees company 

Mirko Wellbrock started his carrier about thirty years ago. He graduated from the renowned technical school in Fulda as a varnish and paint technician and master with the main focus on color schemes, design and monument preservation. He has the best foundation for both expert- and creative working.

What Mirko liked the most about in his work was to interact with people and to help the customers. That is why he always wanted to start up the business. He has got the necessary knowledge how to set up the company by working as a project manager in a national painter group, including experience in operational and employee management.

The dreams come true not only in America…

In 1996 Mirko Wellbrock together with his wife founded the company in Drochtersen. At the beginning he worked on his own, but due to the amount of orders he recruited first employee and in 1999 opened the second branch in Heiligenhafen. 

Furthermore expanded company in 2003 by taking over another painter’s business. Today “M.Wellbrock Malerwerkstatt-Decke-Wand-Boden & Fassade GmbH” serves Hamburg and surrounding federal states, even the south of France and Denmark. 

“For over 20 years I have been successful with my own company, supported by my competent painting team, which works every day with a real passion and punctuality to achieve our corporate goal - satisfied customers. This makes me very proud and gives the motivation to constantly evolve, be open minded to new trends and innovations. I’m sure the future belongs to full spectrum of colors and Benjamin Moore brand. It’s time to change the rules on our domestic market…”with smile on face explains Mirko Wellbrock. 

There is no like family…

But Mirko doesn’t come alone, as he also brings his daughter Johanna along, who helps him as much as she can (above during the pratcical training in Warsaw).

Recently, Johanna successfully completed her apprenticeship as a wholesaler with the main focus on foreign trade. This career choice enabled her to benefit from useful knowledge regarding the establishment and the first steps of the company.

Her main task is the promotion of the Benjamin Moore brand in Germany. She takes care of the social media channels and introduces a lot of ideas regarding design and online advertising.   

On-line and off-line in one 

The combination of on-line and off-line sales are very important for “M.Wellbrock Malerwerkstatt-Decke-Wand-Boden & Fassade GmbH”. 

The point of sale provides the full customers service what means Benjamin Moore paints and enamels tinted to any color in ecological, innovative system GENNEX Platform. Store was equipped with tinting devices. Moreover Mirko’s company ensures the best painting service for customers according to the rule – the best products and the perfect application equals success.  

“The owner was well trained, taking part in one week training organized by Benjamin Moore & Co. in USA and few months ago in three-days international training in Warsaw in Poland. It’s key element to show to Our Business Partners how exceptional brand is Benjamin Moore. Why we produce paints in totally unique formulas and why offering colors are the most attractive and impossible to copy by other paints producers? The answer is one – because we produce our own resins and colorants. That’s why we offer the best products ensuring the best performance and the most sophisticated, elegant shades protected by Authentic Color hologram. Mirko understood all these brand’s competitive advantages and he made the best decision selling Benjamin Moore paints in Deutschland. Of course he is professional painter and like race driver he had to confirm the paints performances in the real life before ;-)”explains Artur Nowak, Chief Operating Officer from BM Polska company. 

Mirko we wish you GOOD LUCK!

And what can we say to German customers? ENJOY YOUR COLOR SHOPPING!


Waldemar Binne

Farben und Tapetenhandel

Walddörferstraße 128

22041 Hamburg

Tel: 040 6529001

e-mail.: info@benjamin-moore.de

www.benjamin-moore.de (on-line store)



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