The first international training EUROPE MIDDLE EAST TRAINING organized in Poland by the Benjamin Moore & Co.

18 marca 2019
The first international training
in Poland by the
Benjamin Moore & Co.

Dealers from Finland, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Poland and United Arab Emirates met in Warsaw during a multi-day training course organized by Benjamin Moore & Co. and BM Polska.  The course took place at the "Warsaw Plaza Hotel" between March 12-14, 2019.
The honor of hosting the event was entrusted to BM POLSKA, which this year celebrates their 20th anniversary of selling these legendary paints. 
“For the first time in history, this event was organized outside the United States. We are so proud that the choice fell on us and we made every effort to take care of every detail. Of course, the final results will be assessed by the Participants" - explains Artur Nowak, Chief Operating Officer of BM Polska.
A real treat for the lovers of trends was the day devoted to color, spent with the hunter of trends - Andrea Magno from Benjamin Moore’s Color & Design team. Andrea is one of the people responsible for discovering the annual trends and the choice of the color of the year.
Helen Mullet - Director of International Marketing also presented during this segment.
The training was divided into three separate thematic modules.
On the first day, Phil Bishop, Manager International Sales EME of the Benjamin Moore & Co., presented the history of the brand, its pioneering character and innovation, its contribution to the development of the paint industry in the world, as well as key competitive advantages. 
In turn, the trainers Brian Milli and Todd Bulgrin explained the specifics of perfect substrate preparation, priming and selection of the best paint for a specific application. 
Answering the question "Why Benjamin Moore?" can be put in one sentence – Benjamin Moore produces its own resins and colorants, creating in the result the original recipes of products with unique parameters and a color that cannot be copied.
It is protected by the "Authentic Color" hologram based on the "Gennex Platform" technology.
Useful information was also provided by the representatives of the Italian brand Hero (manufacturer of devices for coloring paints), equipment for spray application method of the American brand TriTech Industries and the American manufacturer of painting tools PREMIER Paint Roller.
We were convinced on the second day on a specially prepared space with set walls, doors, a stand for painting baseboards and moldings, and a separate place for spray application. 
In this particular scene, the first violin was played by Todd Bulgrin, Manager - Field Training Implementation and Brian Milli, Training Implementation Specialist from Benjamin Moore & Co.
"It is very important to have not only theoretical knowledge but full conviction to the products offered. It is difficult to tell customers about the history, image or established position of the brand without knowing the practical possibilities of individual products"- proudly emphasizing the meeting was participant Gisele Virkkunen, who just started selling Benjamin Moore products in Finland.
According to Anastasiia and Dmytro Davydenko from BM DECORATION ESPANA - "Aura, associated with dark colors, perfectly fits to the spontaneous temperament of the Spanish people. It's a paint that has amazing properties and incredible hiding power, but above all has captivating color depth".
"Nature made a special impression on us, the smell of which was virtually undetectable. Also, on our market, customers are looking for healthy solutions. Apart from the obvious destiny of paint - children's rooms, kindergartens or health care facilities - it is the healthiest solution for contractors who paint interiors for long hours" - jointly explained by Yuliia Yavtushenko and Bohdan Lychov from PREMIUM DECOR, a Benjamin Moore brand representative in Ukraine.
As underlined by Dagmar Hjaltadóttir, who together with Egill Thorkelson from BM ISLAND, who represent the Benjamin Moore brand in Iceland - "Training in Warsaw was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants. We also had the opportunity to learn about BM Polska, which has many years of experience in the sale and promotion of the brand in Poland. It shows how an exceptional business runs and how important long-term relationships play in it".
Egill adds with a smile - "With so many years of the relationship, mentioned by Dagmar, it's a bit like a good, seasoned whiskey ;-)". We know perfectly where this comparison comes from. Egill’s family business, established in 2009, is one of the famous distilleries, producing excellent premium whiskey under the FLÓKI brand. Naturally, we had the opportunity to savor her taste during the evening talks.
In Lithuania (the market served by BM Polska) Benjamin Moore paints are sold by the Rowan Best company whose owners are Gintaras Uktveris and Art?ras Sinkevičius.
"Despite the fact that our country is less than 3 million people, sales of American paints are increasing every year. This is the best evidence, confirming the rule according to which the expenditure for a premium product is profitable in the long term. Of course, you can not miss the benefits that we get when you buy - unique colors, style and the innovative, newest technologies"- explains Gintaras.
 Here is Mirko Wellbrock, his daughter Johanna and an employee from the painting team Sebastian Kohls. Wellbrock-Maler will soon join the Benjamin Moore family with a store in the German market. 
What are the feelings during the Advance enamel painting? You can see perfectly through the faces. 
Mirko does not hide his satisfaction with the quality of the Benjamin Moore brand products - "As an experienced painter and head of a large painter contracting company, in my practice, I used many paints, mainly German ones. Germans are known for their love of our domestic brands, but I decided to choose an American producer.  Something must be there. I know exactly what it is ;-)".
Mikhil Jain from the SAS Express company, representing the Benjamin Moore brand in the United Arab Emirates, talked about huge hotel facilities and beautiful residences that are finished with Benjamin Moore paints.
Transfer to the Old Town and a gala dinner in the restaurant "Stary Dom" was preceded by a visit of participants to the headquarters of BM Polska.  This location houses BM Polska’s sales, marketing, PR, and warehouse teams.  
Andrea Magno, the trend hunter of the Benjamin Moore & Co., prepared this presentation.  She energetically presented 2019’s color of the year Metropolitan and previous year’s selection Caliente. The discussion was a real treat for brand enthusiasts.
At the beginning, Andrea presented a lot of useful information about colors and key relationships in the world of colors.
"The most exciting were the consultations in which we were helping to choose the clients appropriate paint shades and materials for the current interior furnishings. Seemingly, color consulting requires knowledge, knowledge of the basics of design and, above all, a great instinctive sense of color” - emphasizes Manuela Tshibangu, who together with her husband Manuel Mondellini are representatives of the Benjamin Moore brand in Italy.
We have always been fascinated by the travels of people from Color Team Benjamin Moore & Co., a way to collect inspirations, and a mechanism to choose the most important color for the next season. All of this was discussed in the section on color trends.
But, even more interesting is how it’s possible to keep the new color of the year secret for so long!
We already know that trend hunters are searching for new inspirations for the next year.

How can we summarize the relation of this important, several-day training?
As representatives of the Benjamin Moore & Co., we belong to an UNIQUE FAMILY in individual countries. We represent a exceptional brand that deserves to be called an American Legend.  Brand heritage, since 1883, color leadership and product innovation differentiate Benjamin Moore from everyone else.
 Thank you all Benjamin Moore People and all Attendees!