2 stycznia 2020



Many paint manufacturers have been operating around the world for a long time.

Each of them tries to offer products in attractive colors and the best technical parameters. Everyone cares about the packaging graphics and unique marketing message. Finally, everyone sets the right price ...
How does it look like "from the kitchen"?
I will tell you a story, listen very carefully.
Once upon a time, a producer of resins for paints and colorants bet his older brother that he would achieve huge success thanks to his incredible perseverance.
He set off into the world knocking from door to door of the producers' laboratory. Although he proposed the two most important components of each paint, all his efforts were in vain.
Nobody wanted to buy anything and when it seemed that in a moment he would lose all enthusiasm for further work, he met a sage who gave him advice - Offer a complete solution, that is, for producers to change to your resins and colorants was easier than ever before. Come back and offer everyone ... a frame recipe, in other words a ready paint formulation with the products that you offer. This way you will definitely sell them.
The seller listened to the advice and again began to visit familiar factories and knock on the same door ...
How does this story end?
The younger brother has indeed achieved success, and paint manufacturers no longer had to waste time developing complex recipes with ready-made solutions.
They didn't predict one. Resins and colorants offered by the seller together with frame formulas went not only to them but also to many other production plants and their R&D laboratories.
The whole story ends with one day a salesman sitting by the fireplace with his grandson. 
He corrects his gray beard and says: There was a producer who I could never sell anything to. Neither gram of resin nor colorant caps ... Every time I only wasted my time and money flying to America. I remember them perfectly. Those damn enthusiasts from Benjamin Moore, who, like ants, worked on recipes and protected them from others like the most valuable Aztec treasure.
Grandpa, why didn't they want to buy anything from you? -  the grandson asked.
They didn't need my products because they were famous for their own production of resins and colorants. Everyone said that in this way unique recipes and paints with unparalleled parameters are created in the most beautiful colors in the world. This manufacturer advertises its colors as "ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE - NOT TO COPY" - answered thoughtful grandfather.
I am much smarter and if I were in their place I would definitely buy a ready recipe from you. Why bother so much? - grandson continued.
Child, grandfather answered - I will tell you something important now and I want you to remember it for life:
Sometimes it's worth the trouble, even when everyone around you says that what you do doesn’t make sense. Never go the easy way because in this way you will be like others ... average, maybe good or even very good. However, you will never achieve perfection.