Benjamin Moore angle-sash brush made of nylon & poliester fibres.

Not all brushes are created equal.

Inexpensive brushes can lose bristles and provide a bumpy application, resulting in a frustrating experience that you can avoid. Get the right tools for your job!  

General description: this professional Angle-Sash Brush is designed with both the homeowner and professional in mind, providing a smooth and clean finish with less brush strokes.

Tool made of a mixture of highest quality nylon and poliester fibres provides quick and comfortable work. This brush ensures excellent leveling and smoothing properties. 

Added stiffness gives the brush a strong touch and wooden handle provides a special balance to the tool. Brush maintains a sharp edge for controlled painting and stands up to heat and humidity.

 Recommended for: waterborne paints and enamels.

 Width: 38 mm or 65 mm.