Corotech V450

Waterborne, two-component acrylic-epoxy paint for interior walls, concrete, wood and interior as well exterior metal, which creates durable, mechanically and chemically resistant finish. Semi-gloss.


Durable walls in bathrooms, corridors and public health care objects

You do not believe in traditional solution in bathrooms or toilets? Are you looking for the great product for painting of the walls near wash basin, ceramic tiles or glossy cabinets in the kitchen? 

We have an excellent product for you - COROTECH V450. Strong name and strong finish... 

• BENEFITS & GENERAL DESCRIPTION: waterborne, two-component acrylic-epoxy paint which creates very durable finish, resistant to washing and wet scrubbing as well as resistant to most popular cleaning agents and some chemicals (weak acids, alkalis, organic solvents and fuel).  

PROPERTIES: excellent mechanical strength (abrasion, scrubbing and scratching resistance) and high color and grade-gloss retention provides long term protection of walls in high traffic areas, exposed to intensive use (corridors, waiting rooms, surgeries, production halls, etc.) and in bathrooms, toilets, restrooms, cloakrooms, warehouses and laundry rooms. 

Paint is intended for decorative and protective painting of interior walls, concrete, wood (including floors, stairs and flooring panels exposed to moderate abrasion; not designed as a heavy duty floor finish), ferrous and galvanized metal (like tanks, piping, metal constructions and cabinets) exposed to the exterior atmosphere. 

Product provides low content of „VOC” compounds, excellent adhesion to even very glossy surfaces such as ceramic tiles, plastics (e.g. PVC), laminates and cabinet fronts (e.g. MDF).

Designed for use over a wide range of intact aged coatings. 

Mentioned features cause that the product is recommended for painting of public health care objects (hospitals, surgeries, doctor’s offices), schools,  food and beverages plants, warehouses, etc. 

COROTECH ACRYLIC EPOXY V450 can be combined with glass-fiber wallpapers. 

Product is not designed for immersion service. 

Two-component paint is a part of painting system with hardener SEMI GLOSS CATALYST V450-91.

„Sauté” or in the painting system

COROTECH ACRYLIC EPOXY V450 can be combined with glass-fiber wallpapers. 

SYSTEM = paint (with hardener) + glass-fibre wallpaper + adhesive. 

• RECOMMENDED FOR - range of use: traditional cement-lime and cement plasters, thin-layered mineral and acrylic plasters, gypsum filling materials, gypsum substrates, dry walls, construction building blocks, concrete, existing coatings renovation. It’s also possible to apply the paint to primed or previously painted wooden and wooden-like surfaces (e.g. MDF), flooring panels, metal (ferrous and galvanized), ceramic tiles, plastics (e.g. PVC), laminates and glass-fiber wallpapers.

• Colors: Bases V450.85 Pastel Base and V450.86 Tint Base intended for tinting in BENJAMIN MOORE® COLOR PREVIEW®. Wide range of Benjamin Moore colors. Warning: tint only paint  -„Component A”.

• Gloss-grade: semi-gloss.

• Coverage: approx. 8,5 m2/l

• Packagespaint (component „A”): 2,898 l, hardener (component „B”): 0,769 l

• Download the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET [1,12 MB]