Extender 518

A premium quality waterborne, acrylic extender for Benjamin Moore waterborne premium paints.

High temperature in the room, direct sunlight, low relative humidity (below 45%) or the intensive ventilation. 
We have a proper solution. Perfect tool to fight with not proper weather condition. EXTENDER 518 added to waterborne paints provides the best application results. 
Hey stop this coffee break! LET'S PAINT!


General description: a premium quality waterborne, acrylic extender for Benjamin Moore waterborne premium paints.

Use as a thinner and open time extender for Aura® interior, Aura® exterior, Regal® Select, Waterborne Ceiling Paint, Ultra Spec® or other waterborne latex paints Benjamin Moore & Co. when application conditions require it.

Product can be used for brushing, rolling or spraying. Especially useful under relatively dry, windy or hot applications conditions.

For interior and exterior use.

Features: specially formulated to enhance the application properties of our premium products without adverse effects on dry film properties. It features very low VOC and very low odor.

When to use Extender 518? When we have to paint in dry (RH<45%), in direct sunlight, or windy conditions. It doesn't influence on technical or esthetical parameters of final finish. 

Mixture proportion: max. 235 ml of Extender 518 to 3,78 l paint can. Do not mix with solvent-borne products (e.g. alkyd enamels).  

Recommended for: additive to waterborne, latex paints.  

Colors: transparent.

Packages: 0,48 l; 0,95 l