Garageguard Waterborne Epoxy Semi Gloss EGG-XXXX

The new generation, waterborne, 2-components epoxy enamel intended for painting interior concrete floors. Semi-gloss.


GarageGuard® Waterborne Epoxy is two-components, water-based catalyzed epoxy which offers performance equal to traditional solvent based epoxy systems.

It provides superior chemical, abrasion, impact, intensive foot traffic and hot tires resistance (generally product resists most automotive fluids). The highly cross-linked film provides years of service. 

Additionally this product may be applied to most generic coating types without the fear of lifting or wrinkling. 

Enamel is designed for use on floors in basements, garages, warehouses and other concrete surfaces in residential and commercial objects (including industrial spaces, however not designed as a heavy duty floor finish), food and beverage processing, transportation, healthcare, schools, large commercial structures, and other areas where a performance epoxy is needed. 

Not recommended for use in immersion service or acid exposures. 


excellent durability and abrasion as well impact resistance 

• high chemical resistance 

resists hot tires, intensive foot traffic and the most automotive fluids

excellent adhesion to the concrete and to the most existing coatings without lifting 

fast return to service 

• soap and water clean-up 



Range of use: interior: bare or finished previously concrete floors.

Colors: bases „Neutral Kit EGG-190S” and „Tint Kit EGG-111S” tinted to 23 colors from „GarageGuard” pallet in BENJAMIN MOORE® COLOR PREVIEW® tinting system.

• Gloss-grade: semi-gloss  

• Coverage:  approx. 6-8 m2/l.

• Packages: the ready to use product – enamel (component A) mixed with hardener (component B) - 3,78 l