ben Chalkboard Paint 308

ben Chalkboard Paint 308

ben Chalkboard Paint 308

Waterborne, acrylic chalkboard paint in exceptional wide color range!

Benefits & general description

JOY and FUN. SUPPORT for unreliable MEMORY...
A paint that will remind you of the daily shopping list in the kitchen, the schedule of meetings in the office, or the schedule of the day in the hallway. It develops the imagination and provides great fun!

Exciting, cool paint, providing so much fun! Available in full intensive colors range and ZERO VOC* formula!
„ben® Chalkboard Paint 308, waterborne, latex acrylic ZERO VOC* paint which transforms any interior wall or surface like the part of furniture into an easy-to-clean chalkboard. It can also be used for traditional school chalkboard renovation.
Product dries to a decorative finish that is extremely durable and fully washable (with soap and water).
Perfect for children rooms, offices, conferences rooms, kitchens, restaurants (menu), schools, kindergartens and many others spaces where chalkboard finish is desired.

With our chalkboard paint you will organize many useful spaces that will help you plan your day and many important activities.

Apply ben Chalkboard Paint 308. Then invest in a box of chalk and an eraser and you have your very own reusable, eco-friendly list maker, drawing surface, calendar–you name it.
Ben® CHALKBORAD PAINT 308 available in full intensive color palette develops the children imagination and dries to a decorative finish that is extremely durable and fully washable (with soap and water).

„Zero VOC*” formula (regardless of color) reduces to minimum possibility of appearing allergy reactions.

Paint characterizes excellent hiding power, low odor, quick drying time, mechanical resistance and excellent technical as well as application parameters.
Product meets the LEED® v4 Credit requirements.

* ZERO VOC - despite the use of the latest technologies in the production process, it is impossible to obtain a paint completely free from volatile organic compounds, i.e. with“ absolute ZERO VOC ”. This product contains trace amounts of volatile organic compounds, but their negligible content minimizes negative impact on the natural environment and the human environment. American legislation and US industry guidance including EPA Method 24 allow for products containing less than 1g/l VOC to use the designation "zero VOC". It allows to distinguish a product with such a low VOC content from typical paints containing at least a few grams of VOC per 1 liter. In compliance to the Federal Trade Commission no VOCs are added to paint during the production process. Due to our innovative GENNEX Platform tinting system, which is based on “ZERO VOC” colorants, all of our tinted paints fall within the same "ZERO VOC" classification.

Field of application

• painted or primed before interior walls
• traditional school chalkboards
• primed wooden, wooden-like and metal surfaces
• some plastics

It’s also possible to apply the paint to prepared and primed with a special adhesion primer glass, ceramic tiles or glass-fiber (using special adhesion priming paint STIX®).
Warning: Allow painted area to cure for min. 14 days before using. Painted surfaces can be washed after two weeks.
Prior to initial use of achieved chalkboard, rub entire surface with a piece of white chalk and then erase using a clean, damp cloth. Because of the additives used in some varieties of chalk, which can leave a residue when erased, we recommend using darker shades of ben Chalkboard Paint 308 and lighter colored chalk designed for use on chalkboards.
Carry out the test of chalk on the chalkboard before final use.

Colors and parameters

Colors: full range of Benjamin Moore intensive colors.

Gloss grade: eggshell

Coverage: approx. 10m2/l

Packaging: 0.95l

Files to download

Terms & Conditions
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