Benjamin Moore – American Premium Paints that set new standards.

Our own production of the most important paint components - resins and colorants provides unique paint formulas and beautiful colors that cannot be copied by other manufacturers.
We were the first to show what the real color on the wall looks like on the wall launching prestigious Aura® line with revolutionary ColorLock® Technology. Thanks to this unique solution based on “magic microcapsules” with color, the final finish provides an exceptional depth and richness of colors.
We took care of your comfort by introducing the first ceramic paint from the Regal line, totally resistant to stains and dirt. The new version of this iconic product continues to be a benchmark on the market - a true "FORTRESS" unbeatable. Strong and independent enough to go beyond the category of "ceramic paints" and proudly emphasize the meaning of its name - REGAL means ROYAL, and SELECT - THE BEST.
We have proved that the paints from SCUFF-X family will withstand the impact of suitcases and the black marks (“scuffs”) will no longer destroy the aesthetics of the walls.
SCUFF-X® is irreplaceable in changing rooms, offices and hotels, shopping malls, schools, health care objects or intensively exploited home spaces - corridors, wardrobes and lockers.

A true LEGEND since 1883.

In the modern world, there are few brands that can boast over 140 years of history.
The Moore brothers built their company on a solid foundation, promoting a business that combines industry with intelligence and integrity.
Intelligence, Industry and Integrity become known as the "Three I's" and were adopted as the core values of the organization. These three pints were the basis for our "Triangle M" logo, developed in 1925. These values are constantly cultivated and have become a permanent part of the brand's DNA.

Benjamin Moore in Poland

Despite the passage of time and changes in the owners of the concern, one thing has remained unchanged - Benjamin Moore paints are available only in selected showrooms. You won't find them in DIY stores.
This strategy was adopted by the founders of the brand and is continued by Warren Buffett, the current owner of the Berkshire Hathaway fund to which Benjamin Moore & Co. belongs.

Our Distributors do not sell paints….
They offer much more - style, magic and joy coming out of each can.

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