Benjamin Moore, American Premium paints combine art with science and set new standards. Create absolutely unique atmosphere of interiors, emphasizing their individual character and style.

Leader in the Premium segment

We were the first to show what the real color on the wall looks like.

Our own production of the most important paint components - colorants and resins combined in the Gennex Platform technology ensures exceptional technical parameters and beautiful colors that are impossible to copy.

We took care of your comfort by introducing the first paint with ceramic technology, totally resistant to dirt and stains, which is still an unsurpassed pattern.

We have proved that the paint will withstand the impact of suitcases and the black marks (“scuffs”) will no longer destroy the aesthetics of the walls.


Benjamin Moore is an American manufacturer of luxury paints since 1883.

In the modern world, there are few brands that can boast over a hundred years of history. Sublime colors protected by the GENNEX Color Technology hologram and revolutionary technologies set new directions of development. Our paints emphasize the character of the interior, care for their unique aesthetics, ensure the comfort of washing painted walls and allow you to forget about subsequent renovations.
The Moore brothers built their company on a solid foundation, promoting a business that combines industry with intelligence and integrity.
Intelligence, Industry and Integrity become known as the "Three I's" and were adopted as the core values of the organization. These three pints were the basis for our "Triangle M" logo, developed in 1925 by L.P. Moore. 

The concept of The Three I's was expanded to be the guiding principles of the company in its dealings with customers, suppliers and employees. These values are also known today as Leadership, Innovation and Performance and continue as the company's core tenets.

Betty Moore ON THE AIR!

This fictional character, created by the brand in the interwar period, supported customers in choosing colors, interior design and painting work.

In the years 1930–1960, Betty hosted her own radio broadcast, also answered questions by letter and published inspirational brochures. Her famous "Benjamin Moore Triangle Club" quickly gained a wide range of loyal club members.


Benjamin Moore & Co. since 2000 belongs to the Berkshire Hathaway investment fund, managed by one of the greatest business visionaries - Warren Buffett, which proves the huge potential of the brand.

Warren Buffett is known for his persistence in pursuing his goal, which is why the words "Our main goal is to produce the best paints in the world and create the best distribution network in the world" gain importance.

Benjamin Moore paints are available only in selected points of sales in Poland.

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