Benjamin Moore at the ARTSHOW 2024!

Benjamin Moore at the ARTSHOW 2024!

Artshow is a real feast for the senses, which has become a perfect part of the artistic climate of Warsaw. On March 2-3, over a hundred contemporary artists and several renowned galleries from all over Poland presented their works in the Karski Tenement House at 19 Wiejska Street. 

Lots of surprises were prepared, including several special exhibitions and a film festival combined with the Young Art exhibition. 

An actress Agnieszka Grochowska was the ambassador of the event.

Benjamin Moore Polska became one of the event's partners for the second time. This time, our presence was made more attractive by the workshops of the artist and color architect, Magdalena Publicewicz.

Synthesis of arts…

The combination of traditional painting and sculpture with film and other modern arts was the hallmark of the event.

“The March Artshow is called the Festival of Fine Arts. We want to show how many faces art has and how many different emotions it can provide us with. In addition to almost 1,000 paintings, sculptures and graphics, our guests will also be able to watch films, photographs and works of digital art," announced Ewa Mierzejewska, the originator and organizer of the event.

Strong support and a wide range…

The partners of the Artshow’s third edition were the following brands: Laufen, Lexus Warszawa-Wola, LABRA, Domoteka, Kinoteka, GRODA, LEO, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Benjamin Moore.

The exhibition of works in the Karski House was accompanied by the Artshow Film Festival organized in the Kinoteka in the Palace of Culture and Science, where visitors saw the best films about art in recent years and works created by students of the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
The ambassador of this Artshow edition was actress Agnieszka Grochowska, known, among others, for her last daring role as Colonel in the film "Kos" by Paweł Maślony.
“The combination of various fields of art is natural to me. We artists all inspire each other. There would be no good cinema without the history of painting. For me, the tool of action is not the canvas - it is myself," emphasizes the actress.

Chameleon, car cockpit, Blue Nova…

She claims that the chameleon adapts its external colors to its internal state, not to its surroundings. She explains that the blue lighting in the car's cockpit keeps us awake. She believes that our color of the year "BLUE NOVA 825" perfectly attracts attention while learning.

She calls himself "The Architect of the Colors of the Human Psyche". Magdalena Publicewicz prepared a surprise for the workshop "Color hapticity. Lecture and painting demonstration with Benjamin Moore paints” during Artshow on Sunday noon.
The artist's unusual lecture on the role of individual shades aroused great interest. During the practical demonstration, the participants saw how a painting is created in which structure and color complement and interpenetrate each other. 

Magdalena, who is recognized expert, explained what "hapticity of colors" is all about, using the example of Benjamin Moore’s COLOR TRENDS.

Background - an inconspicuous element…

Magdalena Publicewicz showed how the background affects the perception of the work of art displayed on it. Boards in three different shades from the newest, Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends palette - "White Dove OC-17", "Topaz 070" and "Hazy Lilac 2116-40" - highlighted these complicated relationships.
The basic image in the main shade "Blue Nova 825 (color of the year 2024) gained a different impact depending on the background color used. As Magda explains, "It's a kind of specific communication between the colors."
Magdalena also has extensive experience in conducting workshops for children. It is no wonder that the artist's assistants, including the youngest Hania, entered the stage. Who knows, perhaps Magdalena's instructions will set the direction for the 6-year-old girl. Direction - art...
As a result, during "live painting", a painting with the mysterious title "Cosmos" was created with an incredibly diverse structure.

Hues, not colors…

When we talked about paints and colors during our first meeting with Magdalena in our office, we heard a lot of interesting information. Color wavelength, penetration, temperature, soothing and stimulating effect and the symbolism of shades. Differences between pigment and light of the same color…
By the way, we learned that we should use the correct term "hues", not "colors". It's hard to break long-standing habits, but we promise to work on it 
For now, please visit for more information

More than paints…

Benjamin Moore paints combine science and art.

The newest, cutting-edge technologies and our own production of essential paint components - resins and colorants, provide an exceptional interior climate. Create an ideal background for both picture galleries and other works of art.
We would like to thank Magdalena Publicewicz and the organizers of Artshow for an excellent adventure with broadly understood art.

And we are waiting for the next edition of this absolutely unique EVENT!
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