CAN SOMETHING BE improved that is PERFECT?

CAN SOMETHING BE improved that is PERFECT?

CAN SOMETHING BE improved that is PERFECT?

We were the first to show the real colors on the wall.
We have created magic microcapsules with your perfect color captured, that has unprecedented depth.
Now AURA line paints ... are even more beautiful, more resistant and durable.

A recipe for the perfect paint…

Combine the new, Benjamin Moore proprietary resin with Gennex colorants. If you do it in such a way that you create microcapsules filled with colorants in the "ColorLock Technolgy" technology - you will get the perfect paint. 
It's easy to say, harder to do...
Only the "magicians" from the Research & Development department of Benjamin Moore & Co. could succeed.
AURA®, the most prestigious line in the American manufacturer's offer, is ahead of its time and invariably remains unsurpassed in terms of optical effects, as well as technical and utility parameters.

But the time has come to redefine what does the luxury paint mean in the premium segment.
AURA® Interior received an improved formula and a modern graphic design, strengthening its position as the undisputed leader in the world of paints. She returns EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL AND EVEN MORE RESISTANT.

We combine science with art…

AURA is the only paint on the market, combining three patented, unique solutions:

• A new type of acrylic resin - increasing the durability of the paint layer, dedicated exclusively to AURA Interior products.
• ColorLock® Technology - the proprietary technology "capturing" the colorants inside special microcapsules ensures exceptional color depth and its "longevity".
• GENNEX® Color Technology - patented technology of combining resin and colorants ensuring the unique properties of Benjamin Moore paints
Thanks to this exceptional "combination", a paint was created that faithfully reflects the unmatched depth and richness of colors. The introduced formula enhancements ensure even greater durability of the painting, resistance to washing / scrubbing and resistance to color “rub-off”. On the other hand, they made the AURA on the wall even more beautiful, and its color gained a “double depth”. The ecological recipe with a trace VOC content ensures the health and safety of the homeowners.

In addition, the new formula provides an excellent coverage in the full spectrum colors and a smoother application.

„PERFECT and elegant”

„AURA Interior” product family includes three paints for painting of interior walls - Aura N522 matte, N524 „eggshell” and N526 in satin finish. In bathrooms and SPA objects with increased air humidity and higher temperature, the AURA Bath & Spa 532 matte paint is the
best choice.
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