Extender 518

Extender 518

Extender 518

Waterborne, acrylic extender that extends the "open time" and drying time of Benjamin Moore & Co. waterborne latex paints

Benefits & general description

High temperature in a room or direct sunlight, relative air humidity below 45% or spaces with intensive air exchange.

You will never face this dilemma with us? Here is the perfect tool to combat adverse environmental conditions.

EXTENDER 518 is added to waterborne paints, which allows you to work at high temperature and low air humidity.

End of coffee break. We paint!
Waterborne, transparent acrylic agent, which is an additive that extends the "open time" and drying time of Benjamin Moore & Co. waterborne latex paints, intended for indoor and outdoor applications.


EXTENDER 518 is especially recommended when applying waterborne paints in unfavorable environmental conditions - relative air humidity below 45%, in direct sunlight (heated interior without the use of air conditioning) or in a room with intensive air exchange.

The product can also act as a thinner, and its use does not affect the technical parameters of the final finish.

EXTENDER 518 is not intended for independent use.

Do not mix with solvent-borne products or waterborne alkyds.

Field of application

Colors: transparent

Gloss grade: not applicable (the use of the product does not affect this parameter).

Mixing ratio: depending on the mixing ratio - max. 235 ml of the extender per 3.78 l of paint

Packaging: 0,48 l ; 0,95 l

Files to download

Terms & Conditions
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