Outdoor Game Changer - Element Guard U763

Outdoor Game Changer - Element Guard U763

"60 MINUTES..."

Benjamin Moore & Co. presents "Gone in SIXTY MINUTES" with Element GUARD in the lead role.

Admittedly, we are not yet as fast as Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage in the movie "Gone in SIXTY SECONDS", however, eliminating the risk of the façade paint being washed off by rain after 60 minutes is an equally impressive result.

Element GUARD solves the problem of painting in conditions of risk of early precipitation.

It all starts with… the cloud

Precipitation is not only one of the main atmospheric factors negatively affecting buildings.
Until now, it has also been the bane of every contractor who, after finishing painting work outdoors, will spend the rest of the day
he anxiously watched the weather forecast for fear of washing the paint off the wall.
With "Element GUARD", the sight of rain clouds is no longer a cause for panic among contractors, provided that at least 60 minutes have elapsed since the last stroke of the roller.

One stress less... PEACE of mind FOR SUMMERS and WINTERS

New facade paint Benjamin Moore's "GUARD™ Exterior Flat Finish U763" becomes resistant to rainfall, when applied to the substrate minimum 60 minutes* before expected rain.
Paint provides excellent durability and protection against wind-driven rain, excessive humidity and other harsh weather conditions.
Element GUARD passed the most restrictive „Wind Driven Rain Test”.
Element Guard Exterior Flat Finish U763 also protects façade against temperature fluctuations and UV radiation, mineral salts, alkali environment, air contaminations, dirt and microorganisms.
Dried paint layer indicates a high hydrophobic features (very low liquid water absorption), water-vapour permeability, elasticity and excellent color retention.
Paint extends workday and the painting season – can be applied in colder months with temperatures as low + 1.7C.


"Element GUARD" façade paint, available in a full range of Benjamin Moore colors, is produced using the patented "GENNEX Color Technology", which is a kind of color hologram of the brand. It is based on the use of colorants and resins developed by Benjamin Moore & Co. only for its own needs.

* the given time interval applies to painting substrates such as primed or previously painted mineral plasters and wood at a temperature of + 250C and relative air humidity of 50%. Under the same conditions, in the case of non-absorbent substrates such as vinyl siding, the time interval must be significantly extended.
NOTE: in the above-mentioned conditions, the paint layer after 60 minutes from application is resistant to short and not intense rainfall. We take no responsibility for possible damage of the finish (e.g. partial washing off, formation of spots and discoloration or blisters) as a result of the impact of heavy rain, especially long-term.

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