SEE THE LOVE - 2024 Edition

SEE THE LOVE - 2024 Edition

The Benjamin Moore brand continues its "See the Love" advertising campaign, which highlights the general principles established by the American company back in 1883.
Excellence of Premium products and, above all, building and cultivating long-term relationships and mutual trust.
The famous creative agency FIG created further stories told by contractors.

We are here for you…

Even when we close the shop after a long day, we welcome you with a smile on our face, when we pass on many years of experience, knowledge and passion to the younger generation, and when we listen carefully to your needs, while noticing the beauty of the world around us.


As in 2020 and 2021, the campaign takes us into the contractors’ world, where there is often no time for long sleep. However, there is great satisfaction from the work done. The work of an experienced craftsman, who is increasingly difficult to find. We have a perfect design, selected paints in beautiful colors. What's next?
“Do-it-for-me” (DIFM “do-it-for-me”).

They did not expect this…

When employees of the FIG Agency responsible for the implementation of the entire campaign talked to contractors, home owners and distributors of the Benjamin Moore paints, one thing surprised them - the way the contractors talked about their work. Their goal turned out to be, above all, to make people happy, and their hard work is, in a sense, a form of love.

This year's edition additionally emphasizes a very important aspect - passing on your experiences to the next younger generation.

Available only at local independent stores… CLOSED-ish

The "CLOSED-ish" video highlights one of the differences between local independent stores and DIY hypermarkets. True, long-term relationships and full trust.
Here, a painter pulls up in a pickup truck to a store that has just closed. 
Click on the image or here to WATCH THE VIDEO

The owner barely had time to hang up the "CLOSED" sign, but despite being tired, he willingly saves his friend in need...
The door sign quickly returns to the "OPEN" position.


Passing on experience and knowledge to the next generation is extremely important, but it is not everything. Without passion, work will not bring full satisfaction. That's exactly what another father-daughter story titled "Family Business" teaches us.
Click on the image or here to WATCH THE VIDEO
Click on the image or here to WATCH THE VIDEO

Who likes getting up early? No one, and certainly not representatives of the younger generation... 
However, along with acquiring new skills comes the desire to explore further secrets of the art of painting.

Effect? Beautiful, perfectly painted interior.

PAINTER & The Pianist

Is the genius of a young pianist more important than the virtuosity of the performer? The answer will come in the next video...
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The plot of the film "Painter & Pianist" is seemingly simple - a painter comes to make a painting job. He turns on the radio, which plays the famous folk ballad "House of the Rising Sun"...
Suddenly, piano sounds begin to come from the next room. Through the glass door, the contractor notices a girl who is playing the piano intently. He immediately turns off the radio and starts listening to the tunes.
He paints with full concentration, enjoying every tone produced by the piano keys she strikes. He finishes work, takes his equipment and when he walks towards the car he hears a young pianist playing his favorite "House of the Rising Sun"...
Their eyes meet and the girl gives him a soft smile. A smile of appreciation that they exchanged together during a unique "concert" - painting and playing.
A piano virtuoso and a paintbrush master show mutual respect for each other.

They know that together they created an amazing spectacle.

Painting somewhat "from the kitchen"…

Advertising spots for the "See the Love" campaign draw us into the world of painted interiors. We must be careful not to touch the freshly applied paint. We hear whispers, broken conversations, of which there are not many, and the whole thing is complemented by eloquent, emotional music.

We feel the contractor's fatigue, we see his great concentration and pride in the work done.

We see the LOVE…

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