Benjamin Moore paints in sublime, impossible to copy colors are the perfect background for paintings and other works of art. They bring out their beauty and emphasize their individual character, prestige and rank.

Art galleries, not only private ones…

Collecting works of art developed during the Renaissance. A perfect example is the famous Medici family, which patronized the arts and provided assistance to many artists.
Soon, priceless collections were collected in the palaces and villas of rulers and wealthy aristocrats. Currently, also on our domestic market, collecting art is the domain of many representatives of the business world.

Passion or capital investment?

Most often, building a collection combines passion with investing capital.

However, for obvious reasons (largely security), collected in this way, works of art are not usually inaccessible to a wider audience, and collectors themselves are reluctant to mention their "treasures".

Fortunately, they can openly talk about what constitutes the "background" of their home galleries.

Our paints combine science with art.

Why a unique painting is created on one painting canvas with a unique color depth, and not on the other?
This is due to the artist's talent, but also to secret recipes, closely guarded in the privacy of the studio.
How to apply this to an American manufacturer?

Specialists from the R&D department of Benjamin Moore & Co. they produce their own binders and colorants and then combine them using the patented GENNEX® COLOR TECHNOLOGY.

In this way, they ensure exceptional depth of shades and amazing technical parameters of paints and enamels

And in the case of a certain palette, they provide unique experiences…

COLOR STORIES breaks the rules...

A unique backdrop for your art collection.
Exceptional palette of shades that tell their own stories - different every day, depending on the time of day and year and the type of lighting.

Over 3 500 colors available in flat, eggshell, high-gloss…

A black, fully matte background will not always bring out the beauty of the paintings exposed on the wall.
Sometimes it is worth using bolder colors, choosing from thousands of the Benjamin Moore shades.
You should also remember about the appropriate gloss level. Neutral and calm "flat", more lively "eggshell", or maybe unpredictable "high-gloss", playing with the reflections of light?

The background for your art collection doesn't have to be boring, even if it only plays a supporting role. It helps to emphasize their beauty and uniqueness of the collected works.

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