Advance Waterborne Interior/Exterior Alkyd High Gloss N794

Advance Waterborne Interior/Exterior Alkyd High Gloss N794

Advance Waterborne Interior/Exterior Alkyd High Gloss N794

The new generation, interior, waterborne enamel for wood and metal surfaces. High-gloss.

Benefits & general description

Ecologic, waterborne alkyd enamel employing the newest, innovative technologies, creates an attractive and very durable, high-gloss finish. 
ADVANCE offers the application and performance of traditional solvent-borne alkyd enamel in a waterborne formula.
It flows and levels like a traditional alkyd with the extended open-time required to achieve high-end finishes.
Enamel is intended for painting of interior* wooden and metal surfaces like cabinets, furniture, trims, wall panel boards and additional elements like baseboards, balustrades, handrails, etc. as well as walls in high traffic areas.

* in case of small parts of substrates like wooden doors, window and door trims made of cedar and redwood the enamel can also be used in exterior exposure. Do not use over exterior pine or other soft types.

Product is available in unlimited colors, in ecological Gennex® Platform based on the trace VOC content colorants.


The special waterborne technology significantly reduces odor and yellowing tendency, two main disadvantages of conventional solvent-borne alkyds. 
Moreover it’s so easy to wash the hands and tools with water in compare to traditional enamels.
ADVANCE® WATERBORNE INTERIOR/EXTERIOR ALKYD HIGH GLOSS N794 creates very durable, fully washable with soap and water, mechanically resistant, satin finish with high hiding-power and excellent adhesion to the substrate.
Enamel characterizes easy application and thixotropic formula.

Field of application

• previously primed wooden, plywood and metal surfaces
• traditional mineral, cement-lime and cement plasters
• thin-layered mineral and acrylic plasters
• gypsum patch compounds and fillers
• drywalls
• wallpapers
• building blocks
• concrete, latex (generally dispersion and emulsion paints) paints renovation.

It’s also possible to apply the paint to prepared and primed with a special adhesion primer glass, ceramic tiles or glass-fiber using adhesion primer STIX of INSL-X brand

Colors and parameters

Colors: white and full range of colors in innovative Benjamin Moore tinting system GENNEX™ Platform.
Gloss grade: high gloss

Coverage: approx. 12 m2/l
NOTE: the coat achieves the final parameters and resistance to washing with water after min. 30 days after application. Advance’s full hardness and adhesion develop over time. Do not expose finish to heavy abrasion or return shelves/tabletops to service for at least 5-7 days to prevent damage of the finish.

Packaging: 0,95 l; 3,78 l

Files to download

Terms & Conditions
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