Colors with a hologram

Colors with a hologram

Benjamin Moore perfectly combines SCIENCE AND ART

Ultra-Premium paints produced by Benjamin Moore are available in the most beautiful colors, with unbelievable parameters, make painted spaces gain individual style, prestige and elegance.
The source of our excellence is our own production of two most important paint components - resins and colorants, which we combine in the GENNEX® COLOR TECHNOLOGY.


Our solutions extend the scope of use of typical paints, where it has not been possible to use them so far.

Thanks to us, your life becomes more comfortable and easier, and the "surroundings" beautiful and clean.


Since 1883 we are constantly looking for pioneering solutions and setting directions for development in the industry.

We have developed the patented GENNEX® COLOR TECHNOLOGY, which is responsible for the unique colors and unprecedented durability of our paints, which will last on the interior walls in perfect condition for even a decade.

Thanks to our own production of colorants and resins, you get original paint recipes in beautiful colors that cannot be copied by other manufacturers. Colors protected by a hologram "NOT TO COPY".


Did you know that some paint ingredients can negatively affect the color you choose?

Most manufacturers use universal colorants available on the market. However, their use requires the introduction of a number of unfavorable chemicals for easier combination with paints.

We eliminated them from our recipes long time ago and our recipes are more perfect and incomparably stronger.

A REAL, one such COLOR

The COLOR is the biggest challenge and it is from choosing it that you start their adventure with our paints.

Original color palettes including a range of over 3,500 unique, beautiful colors build the mood of the interiors and emphasize the character of the façade. They change the background on which the spectacle of our everyday life, work and leisure takes place.

So if you’ve spent days, weeks or even months choosing a Benjamin Moore color, it’s critical to buy it from an authorized, independent Benjamin Moore dealer, so what you see—and love—in the Benjamin Moore store, is what you get at home.

ULTRA durable. You change when you want, not when you have to ...

Benjamin Moore paint engineered with Gennex Color Technology resists color fading indoors–and stands up to harsh weather conditions outdoors. This means the Benjamin Moore color you love stays truer over time, so you only repaint when you want to, not out of necessity. 

And while other manufacturers’ paints may be less durable with darker colors, thanks to Gennex, you get both premium color and proven longevity across the entire color spectrum.

The shades you choose remain unchanged over time, and the painted walls ensure full comfort of using them over time. You only make the decision to repaint because you want it, e.g. because of new trends and not because of technical necessity.

Environmentally Responsible

Benjamin Moore paints meet or exceed the most stringent standards. The Benjamin Moore's Green Promise® label confirms special care for the natural environment and the safety of users.

In 2006 we launched an innovative, ecologic tinting system based on colorants which does not change the level of VOC content.

Paint tinted in Gennex® Platform system retain only "trace VOC content"* in a full range from shades – from white to black. Unfortunately, in the case of producers using conventional, all-purpose colorant, it is impossible to achieve such spectacular results.

With us, regardless of the shade you choose, you protect the environment and ensure a healthy climate wherever you use eco-friendly Benjamin Moore paints.

Designers trusted us

Achieving color accuracy and repeatability of shades are key elements for interior designers. Thanks to the GENNEX® technology, designers can fully focus on their projects, we will take care of the rest.

* The term "contains trace amount of VOC" is in accordance with the guidelines of "The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink, and Artist's Colors Industry" (CEPE) and the "British Coating Federation".

Out of concern for the natural environment and the implementation of the Directive on the reduction of VOC emissions, paint manufacturers have started to create products with the lowest possible VOC content. Products referred to as "ZERO VOC" or "VOC-free" soon followed. Despite strict categories and limits for individual types of paint, for many years the use of the phrase "ZERO VOC" was to some extent conventional.
Organizations and an association of paint manufacturers and research institutes, including "The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink, and Artist's Colors Industry" (CEPE) and the "British Coating Federation" began to pay attention to the methods of determining the content of Volatile Organic Compounds and the use of the above-mentioned definition.
These associations have proven that even if a paint manufacturer does not intentionally add VOCs to its formulas, small amounts of them may still be introduced by the supplier of individual components. Even water used during production or the main filler for paints - chalk (processes using VOCs are used during its washing or grinding) can additionally increase the VOC level in the final recipe.
Considering the above facts, CEPE and BCF have concluded that the best solution seems to be to avoid the term "Zero VOC" in both advertising, technical specifications and product labels, which can negatively affect both the reputation and credibility of the paints industry and mislead the user of the marked product.

Considering the safety and well-being of customers and protecting the image of the paint industry, Benjamin Moore & Co. decided to move away from the use of the term "ZERO VOC", adopting the following method of marking the VOC content in the European Union:

• for products with a maximum content of 1 g VOC / 1 l of paint
The product contains trace amounts of VOC

• for products with more than 1 g / 1 l of paint
Low VOC product

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