Aura® Waterborne Exterior Paint Satin U631

Aura® Waterborne Exterior Paint Satin U631

Aura® Waterborne Exterior Paint Satin U631

Waterborne, super premium facade acrylic paint with revolutionary "ColorLock Technology", which creates coats of highest resistance to weather conditions and exceptional color durability. Satin.

Benefits & general description

„Aura® Waterborne Exterior Paint Satin U631” is waterborne, super premium quality, waterborne, facade acrylic latex paint is part of an innovative paint and colorant system integrating the best, most advanced technologies combined in one revolutionary, patented „ColorLock® Technology”, which provides exceptional durability and resistance to climate conditions as well as the best technical parameters.
Paint engineered with Gennex® Color Technology is intended for protection and decoration of traditional masonry mineral substrates including ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems), fiber cement board, shakes, wood and vinyl or aluminum siding.
Product provides extremely resistance to weather conditions (rain, temperature fluctuation, UV radiation), high resistance to mineral salts, alkali, chalking, blistering, peeling, dirt pick-up and microorganisms attack.
Paint is suitable for wind driven rain when applied according to recommendations (Wind Driven Rain Test).

Aura® U631 is tinted with innovative, free of harmful VOC compounds Gennex® colorants which reinforce the technical parameter of final coat.

Revolutionary technology

ColorLock® Technology – the perfect combination of science and art.

Patented, innovative „ColorLock® Technology” based on special acrylic dispersion system and ecological Gennex® colorants was utilized in Aura® Exterior U631 formula.

How does this solution work?
In conventional paint the particles of colorants (yellow) adhere loosely to the resin molecules (blue). They are no uniformly dispersed in the paint structure.

Our exclusive Color Lock®Technology microscopically bonds the highest quality color pigments tightly to the paint for extraordinary results. Color pigments are locked into the paint film (and protected), forming the specific microcapsules.
Thanks to „ColorLock® Technology” it was created the most durable facade paint, ensures the best protection of exterior surfaces exposed to atmospheric conditions. The new technology provides finish which presents the exceptional color depth, highest color retention and resistance to UV radiation.
Moreover AURA® WATERBORNE EXTERIOR PAINT SATIN U631 characterizes excellent, extreme hiding power, superior adhesion, elasticity, permeability to water vapor, exceptional flow and leveling properties and incredible color retention (under the influence of UV radiation).
Paint extends workday and the painting season – can be applied in colder months with temperatures as low + 1.70C.
We thoroughly tested Aura Exterior U631 in accelerated aging and outdoor atmosphere testing at our test sites.

The best protection – test results


passes Wind Driven Rain Test (1.3 oz), ASTM D6904, 1 coat of priming paint 608, 2 coats Aura® Exterior Paint Satin U631.
passes Alkali Resistance Test (no effect), ASTM D1308 (1 coat of priming paint 608, 1 or 2 coats Aura® Exterior Paint Satin U631)
passes Conical Mandrel Flexibility Test (no cracking), ASTM D522 (1 coat Aura® Exterior Paint Satin U631)
passes Mildew, Mold Resistance Test (no growth), ASTM D3274 (1 coat Aura® Exterior Paint Satin U631)
ASTM D1653 – Water Vapor Transmission Properties: 32.4 perms (Topcoat U631)
● ASTM D2370 - Tensile Properties:
- Peak Tensile Strength, psi 577
- Elongation at Break, percent 130

Field of application

• traditional mineral, cement-lime and cement plasters
• thin-layered mineral and acrylic plasters in ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems)
• building blocks
• unglazed brick
• concrete
• OSB boards
• fiber cement board
• latex (generally dispersion and emulsion paints) paints renovation
• previously primed wooden, PVC and metal surfaces
It’s possible to apply paint on specially prepared and primed before with special adhesion primer STIX glass, ceramic substrates (like ceramic tiles) and glass fiber surfaces.

Colors and parameters

Colors: white and full range of colors in innovative Benjamin Moore tinting system GENNEX™ Platform.
Gloss grade: satin
Coverage: approx. 7-10m2/l
Packaging: 0,95 l; 3,78 l

Files to download

Terms & Conditions
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