Color Of The Year 2023

Color Of The Year 2023

The Benjamin Moore 2023 Color of the Year is „Raspberry Blush 2008-30”.

For 2023, we feel ready to take the next step in color. We are finally ready to bravely dive into color. We are taking inspiration from spaces drenched in color, pushing us beyond our comfort zones.
We are excited to announce “Raspberry Blush 2008-30” as our Color of the Year for 2023. The definition of charismatic color. A vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, enlivens the senses with an eclectic optimism. Takes center stage and wants to be noticed. This is the kind of optimistic color that fills the room with exuberance, delight and joy.

Turn up the „saturation…”

An inclination around warmer colors that we’ve observed over the past few years, plus a move toward color that is saturated and spirited, set our focus for 2023.
When it came to determining the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023, “as much as we love the muted, softer colors, we felt ready to do something a little bit bolder” says Andrea Magno, the storied paint brand’s color marketing and development director. “We’re just raring to go and turn up the dial on the saturation of color."

And just where did that dial stop?

The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023 is Raspberry Blush, an unapologetically brazen yet warm hue.
Described by Magno as a “charismatic” color that “enlivens the senses,” it evokes its namesake’s fruity notes alongside trace elements of both radiant red and orange coral.

The legacy of recent inclusions

Raspberry Blush builds on the legacy of recent inclusions in Benjamin Moore’s annual Color Trends palette. Looking back to the Color Trends 2021 palette, the sun-baked terracotta “Rosy Peach 2089-20” was featured.
Moving to the Color Trends 2022 palette, we included the upbeat warmth of “Wild Flower 2090-40”, which brought us to an impactful statement in 2023 with “Raspberry Blush 2008-30”.
Our research revealed that an increase in chroma and saturation is present as seen in various components of art and design, signaling the interest in using colors that are bold and saturated.

Step outside of your comfort zone!

Because it stands out so starkly from 2022’s era of muted neutrals, Andrea admits that Raspberry Blush could come off as an intimidating color to incorporate into the home. But she also believes it can help build color confidence among those willing to step outside of their comfort zones and give it a try in applications ranging from the subtle to the bold.
“I think there’s definitely a wow factor. We’ve become so accustomed to these grays and blues and neutrals,” Andrea Magno says. “But we just kept coming back to the color again and again and finding different things that we really loved about it.”
Raspberry Blush can, for example, enliven front doors or favorite pieces of furniture with its warmth and intrigue. With respect to a more adventurous application that’s nonetheless anchored in a trend of the past, Andrea Magno sees Raspberry Blush as a worthy heir to the red dining room craze that caught on in the early 2000s.

I first. Always in view…

This unapologetic shade of red-orange, THE HERO OF THE YEAR had us thinking bold, bolder, boldest. This is a color that does not enter a room quietly or serve as a backdrop.

2023 COLOR TRENDS palette

Color Hunters were drawn to colors such as coral, terracotta, reds and red-orange. These colors reoccurred in theirs collection of color influences collected over many months. Likewise, inky blues, intriguing teals, and citrusy greens captured theirs attention. Color Team members were drawn to the upbeat energy and vivid quality of these clean, saturated hues through examples of these colors being used in very successful and inspiring ways.
The images shown above were collected through Color Hunters’ travels and various points of inspiration that grabbed theirs attention as they researched color for 2023. As they put the pieces together they found 2023 to be the right time to highlight bolder hues that communicate the joy and exuberance that color delivers.
Betting on richly saturated hues, Benjamin Moore has unveiled its Color Trends 2023 palette, which includes great companion hues for Raspberry Blush.
Running the gamut from near black to just shy of white, with bold shades of brown, blue, and near chartreuse in between, the Color Trends palette has a little something for everybody.

Good company is the most important…

As the Benjamin Moore 2023 Color Trends palette makes clear, even the most eye-catching colors shouldn’t have to stand alone. Shades like the neutral-leaning yet lively „Conch Shell 052”, the dynamic gray of “New Age 1444”, or the tasteful terra-cotta of “Cinnamon2053-30” can help to reel in Raspberry Blush without diluting its charm.
To take things in a more soothing direction, the deep bluish tones of „North Sea Green 2053-30” or „Starry Night Blue 2067-20” can bathe a space in a sense of cool and calm. For something more refreshing and bright, the yellow-toned “Savannah Green 2150-30” makes a fitting companion shade.
And because grounding neutrals aren’t going away entirely in 2023, charcoal “Wenge AF-180” serves as a richly emotive basis from which one can conduct further experiments in color.
Andrea Magno explains – “Whether it’s deployed on a front door or enveloping an entire room, a coat of Raspberry Blush will positively add color to an interior. “It has a kind of very happy quality to it. I think we need some happy.”


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