Corotech® Clear Acrylic Sealer V027

Corotech® Clear Acrylic Sealer V027

Corotech® Clear Acrylic Sealer V027

The best priming agent for gypsum substrates and weak mineral plasters reinforcement!

Benefits & general description

Weakened gypsum substrates and mineral plasters are no problem anymore!

A common sight ... Dusty gypsum filling material on the wall. You touch the substrate and your hand gets white. Typical gypsum powder... Any attempt to bypass the problem and use a priming paint will result in failure. If not with the current painting, then certainly with the next one.
Don't take any chances. Now you have COROTECH® CLEAR ACRYLIC SEALER V027 at your disposal – excellent treatment in form of transparent priming agent.

Now you can forget about described problems.
„COROTECH® Clear Acrylic Sealer V027 is waterborne, universal (interior and exterior use), transparent, acrylic priming agent for priming of building substrates exposed in interiors and exteriors.

Due to the excellent reinforcing and penetrating properties product is suitable for use as a primer/sealer of gypsum surfaces (gypsum filling compounds, drywalls) weak mineral plasters before the Benjamin Moore priming paints application.
If the substrate do not need color merging COROTECH® CLEAR ACRYLIC SEALER V027 can be use as the only one, final primer.

Product can also be used in form of protective clear coating over low gloss acrylic coatings (paint layers or plasters). It's excellent solution for protection of wall decorative effect (interior and exterior application). Moreover product can be tinted to achieve a special kind of glaze.
Primer ensures excellent reinforcement of gypsum substrates and weak, chalky mineral plasters, provides effective protection and resistance to weather conditions. Product reduces of topcoat consumption (saving time and money), equalizes and reduces substrate's absorption, reinforces the substrate, ensure excellent adhesion.

Coating features easy application, high durability, low-odor, low VOC content, rapid dry and is blister, alkali fume and fade resistant. Does not lift conventional coatings. Product can be diluted with clear water in proportion 1:1 - 1:4 (depending on surface structure, substrate absorption and application method).

Field of application

• traditional cement-lime and cement plasters
• gypsum substrate and filling materials
• dry walls,
• construction building blocks
• concreto and wood
• acrylic coats and plasters impregnation
Primer can also be used in form of lacquer on vertical wooden substrates in interiors.

• traditional cement-lime and cement plasters
• thin-layered mineral and acrylic plasters in ETICS (External Heat Insulation Composite Systems)
• building blocks and concrete
• acrylic paint layers and plasters impregnation

Colors and parameters

Colors: transparent agent (if needed can be tinted in innovative Benjamin Moore tinting system GENNEX™ Platform.
Gloss grade: semi-gloss
Coverage: from 8m2/l depending on surface texture, porosity and absorbing properties, application method, proportion of dilution with water (1:1 – 1:2, in case of very absorbing substrates even 1:4) and painting tool used. Test should be perform in order to determine the coverage of the given surface.
Packaging: 0,95 l; 3,78 l; 18,9 l

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