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The second edition of this extraordinary event has just become history. Last weekend at Wiejska 19 street in Warsaw, an extraordinary feast for lovers of contemporary art took place.
The second edition of this extraordinary event has just become history. Last weekend at Wiejska 19 street in Warsaw, an extraordinary feast for lovers of contemporary art took place.

What distinguishes Artshow from other events with art in the main role?

Over 1,000 works of art exhibited in 38 rooms on 3 floors of the elegant Karski Tenement House. Above all, however, the presence of artists, the possibility of direct contact and purchase of selected works. The variety of artistic means of expression was striking, and the rooms were filled with colors and forms. The tenement house was teeming with artistic life.

Benjamin Moore in a unique family…

This year we had the honor of joining the event as a partner. Our "blue exhibition" was located on the 2nd floor and enjoyed great interest.
Visitors' special attention was attracted by an intriguing painting with the color of the year "Blue Nova 825 - Star 2024".
QR codes placed throughout the event space took visitors to the Magic Gallery of Benjamin Moore Artists. The profiles of our Artists who have dedicated their soul and talent exclusively to this unique American brand are presented below.
We gave away a lot of Color of the Year 2024 samples in beautiful small packages with the image of a historical figure - Betty Moore.

Combining science with art…

Our catchy slogan "Benjamin Moore paints combine science with art" perfectly fit the atmosphere of the event. And it was not an exaggerated slogan, because the latest technologies and our own production of essential paint components - resins and colorants, confirm the message it carries.
Our paints create an ideal background for both picture galleries and other works of art, and when used outside this area, they provide exceptional comfort and joy of using the interiors painted with them. We have created the most intriguing and surprising collection of colorful stories. We have discovered a new dimension in the world of color and made a real revolution in color science. We have enclosed all this in the mysterious COLOR STORIES palette, in which the colors "live", undergoing intensive changes depending on the time of day, as well as the type and intensity of light.
We would like to thank the originator and organizer of Artshow, Mrs. Ewa Mierzejewska, for her trust and recognizing our partnership potential.

Meet the Benjamin Moore’s Artists:

AURA Moore

The artist creates under four pseudonyms. The N522 marking means paintings made in matt, N524 in eggshell, and N526 in satin. The choice depends on your mood, but regardless, the artist's paintings are filled with a unique depth of color, which is a kind of hologram, a hallmark. Color is her basic means of expression.

In the years 2010-2015, Aura devoted herself to reflection on the future fate of our planet and painted only one painting - There is no planet B. She used a special paint and marked her painting as 532. This paint was resistant to high temperature and air humidity, Aura Bath & Spa.


Color: Savannah Green 2150-30

Seascape with a squirrel

Color: Blue Nova 825

A vegan feast

Author: AURA satin N526
Color: Jungle Canopy CSP-900

There is no planet B

Author: AURA 532
Color: Van Alen Green HC-120


No other artist in our gallery is as big-headed as REGAL. When introducing himself, he always adds SELECT to his name. Always well-groomed and immaculately elegant.

He loves pure form and cannot stand accidental, even the smallest, stains on his paintings. Therefore, he most often uses one matte paint for painting, which he named REGAL SELECT MATTE N548 in his honor. Regal's work is filled with a raw atmosphere, and the works emanate with an almost icy coldness... One motif runs through his many years of work - a white baseboard. He attached great importance to it and spent a lot of time selecting this element - it could not be too low or too high. He used to say that "it has to be just right."

Never say DIE

Author: Regal SELECT matte N548
Color: Calm OC-22

Marten in gooseberry

Author: Regal SELECT eggshell N549
Color: Intuition CSP-610


Author: Regal SELECT flat N547
Color: Ebony King 2132-20


It is incredibly difficult to define the work of another artist who is known only under the pseudonym SCUFF-X. He very rarely gives interviews and is basically inaccessible to the media. Critics describe his painting as "uneven" - sometimes he paints very expressively and uses strong combinations, other times he loses momentum and falls into a certain melancholy.

A few years ago he became friends with SELECT and, like him, became somewhat obsessed. Regal hates stains, and SCUFF hates "black marks and abrasions". That's why he likes the paint from "Scuff-Resistant Technology"... because he displays most of his paintings on staircases, on the walls of busy corridors, and even in fitting rooms and dressing rooms.

Boar in acorns

Author: SCUFF-X 485
Color: First Light 2102-70

Ene... due... like... fake...

Author: SCUFF-X N485
Color: White OC-151


Born in Manhattan into a well-to-do family, she decided to follow her own path. She set up a studio in a small, two-story loft. Since she was a child, she was fascinated by balustrades, railings and wooden furniture, so she made them the main characters of her paintings, giving them specific names. Paints with waterborne enamel in satin (792) or high gloss (N794).

Sweet Alice in chains

Author: ADVANCE 792
Color: Gloucester Sage HC-100

Shiny Lucy

Author: ADVANCE N794
Color: Newburyport Blue HC-155
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