COLOR STORIES® the secret collection

COLOR STORIES® the secret collection

COLOR STORIES® the secret collection

MICROCAPSULES with COLOR like precious stones in the center of a magic ring.

You don't have to TURN IT to create unexpected optical phenomena.

Paint the interior with AURA® paint in the selected color from the secret collection COLOR STORIES® and the walls will tell you a story...


We broke the rules for you...

We did it knowing well what you will gain. Absolutely unique colors that constantly intrigue and surprise. Shades that tell their own stories - different every day, depending on the time of day, season and type of lighting.
The most mysterious collection COLOR STORIES® is the result of our long-term research into the relationship between the rich world of colors and the environment.
We found a way to give you something that has been indefinable until now...

Release the stories…

What is the secret of each of the palette's 240 magical colors?

In a unique formula.
When creating the shades, we did not use either black or gray colorant, and each color contains as many as 5, 6 or even 7 different pigments (traditional shades are usually based on 2-3 colorants).

What's all this for?

Imagine having a full palette of shades at your disposal and you want to get a gray shade without using… gray…

How to do it?

Combine various pigments, e.g. blue, brown, red, yellow and green, and the changing light (at a given time of day and year) will "conquer" selected shades.
As a result, we will observe amazing color changes on the wall, which will not appear in the case of colors based on traditional formulas and with all other paints except one ...

Combining the science and art…

Each shade in the COLOR STORIES® palette was created by combining patented Gennex colorants with Benjamin Moore's revolutionary Aura® line of paints.
Thanks to the innovative ColorLock® Technology (used only in the mentioned family of products), the binder particles surround the pigment, creating characteristic "microcapsules", responsible for the described color changes, exceptional depth and excellent technical parameters.

Create your own story.

The COLOR STORIES® collection presents amazing "living shades" that bring a new dimension and brilliance to any interior.
In addition, you can enhance the effect by choosing Aura® paint in one of the available gloss grades or combining them in one space - N522 (matt), N524 (eggshell) and N526 in an attractive "satin". You can also use an excellent paint for bathrooms Aura 532
Benjamin Moore manufactures its own, two most important paint components - binders and colorants, which allows it to introduce new product categories with exceptional parameters and impossible to copy, elegant colors.
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