Regal® Select Waterborne Interior Paint Eggshell Finish 549

Regal® Select Waterborne Interior Paint Eggshell Finish 549

farba super zmywalna 549

Regal® Select Waterborne Interior Paint Eggshell Finish 549

Waterborne, latex „Zero VOC*” acrylic paint which creates very durable eggshell finish with excellent resistance to washing and wet-scrubbing.

Benefits & general description

„Regal 549” in attractive eggshell finish – totally washable and resistant to stains and dirt and stains!
Are you looking for the most resistant paint for wall? But you want to breathe "more air" into them than can be provided by paints creating a matte or fully matte finish? We have the perfect solution for you!

"Regal Select 549" in eggshell will give a slightly luminous finish, while ensuring the highest resistance to washing, wet scrubbing and resistance to basic types of stains and dirt.
Waterborne, acrylic paint with Zero VOC* content intended for decorative and protective painting of walls and additional elements like baseboards, which provides incredible resistance of achieved finish to washing and wet-scrubbing - class 1 [2µm] according the Standard PN-EN 13300.

* ZERO VOC - despite the use of the latest technologies in the production process, it is impossible to obtain a paint completely free from volatile organic compounds, i.e. with“ absolute ZERO VOC ”. This product contains trace amounts of volatile organic compounds, but their negligible content minimizes negative impact on the natural environment and the human environment. American legislation and US industry guidance including EPA Method 24 allow for products containing less than 1g/l VOC to use the designation "zero VOC". It allows to distinguish a product with such a low VOC content from typical paints containing at least a few grams of VOC per 1 liter. In compliance to the Federal Trade Commission no VOCs are added to paint during the production process. Due to our innovative GENNEX Platform tinting system, which is based on “ZERO VOC” colorants, all of our tinted paints fall within the same "ZERO VOC" classification.


In the paint formula the special, innovative type of very durable and hard but flexible resin with reduced particle size was utilized. This solution provides the achievement of very homogenous film with very regular particles distribution.

Final finish characterizes excellent washability and resistance to dirt and grime.

The paint provides a mildew resistant coating, excellent hiding power, excellent color retention, quick drying time and very good technical as well as application parameters.
„Zero VOC*” formula (regardless of color – light or very intense) reduces to minimum possibility of appearing allergy reactions.
Paint is especially recommended in the field of decoration and protection of intensively used surfaces:

• Interior walls (especially corridors, staircases and children rooms) in apartments and private houses
• commercial objects
• public utility facilities
• schools
• health care facilities
• food industry objects

* ZERO LZO – pomimo stosowania najnowszych technologii w procesie produkcji, niemożliwe jest wytworzenie farby całkowicie pozbawionej lotnych związków organicznych, to znaczy z „absolutnym ZERO LZO”. Ten produkt zawiera śladowe ilości LZO, jednak tak znikoma obecność minimalizuje ich negatywny wpływ na środowisko naturalne oraz otocznie człowieka. Amerykańskie prawo i standardy branżowe, w tym EPA Method 24, zezwalają na określanie terminem „ZERO LZO” produktów, zawierających poniżej 1 g LZO na 1 l farby. Zgodnie z wytycznymi Federal Trade Commission w procesie produkcji farby nie są wprowadzane dodatkowe ilości LZO. Innowacyjny system barwienia GENNEX Platform marki Benjamin Moore bazuje na kolorantach „ZERO LZO”, dzięki czemu farba jest klasyfikowana jako „ZERO LZO” niezależnie od wybranego odcienia.

Health and ecology

Benjamin Moore's Green Promise™ - to ensure your safety and protection of natural environment.
Benjamin Moore Green Promise™ designation is Benjamin Moore’s assurance that its environmental friendly coatings meet and exceed the strictest industry standards, while also delivering the premium levels of performance our consumers expect from Benjamin Moore.
Paint meets the LEED® v4 Credit requirements.

Field of application

• traditional cement-lime and cement plasters
• thin-layered mineral and acrylic plasters
• high quality gypsum filling materials and gypsum substrates
• dry walls,
• wallpapers,
• construction building blocks
• concrete,
• latex paint coats renovation

It’s also possible to apply the paint to primed or previously painted wooden and wooden-like surfaces and prepared and primed with STIX® Waterborne Bonding Primer SXA-110 special adhesion primer glass, ceramic tiles or glass-fiber.

Colors and parameters

Colors: white and full range of unique colors in innovative Benjamin Moore tinting system GENNEX™ Platform.

Gloss grade: eggshell

Resistance to washing and wet-scrubbing – classification according to PN-EN 13300 Standard: Class 1 – with an exceptional result – minimum loss paint layer thickness of 2 µm after 200 wet-scrubbing cycles!

Coverage: approx. 12m2/l

Packaging: 0,95 l; 3,78 l, 18.9 l

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