Waterborne Ceiling Paint 508

Waterborne Ceiling Paint 508

Waterborne Ceiling Paint 508

Waterborne, interior acrylic paint with light-dispersion technology intended for painting of ceiling. Ultra-flat.

General description

The best ceiling paint? Waterborne Ceiling Paint 508.
Waterborne, interior latex acrylic paint recommended for painting of ceilings as well as additional elements like cornices, rosettes, etc.

Product is recommended for use in residential objects (apartments and houses), commercial and public health care objects, public utility facilities as well as food care objects.


This flattest paint creates a beautiful uniform finish and surpasses all other ceiling paints currently available.
Specially formulated for ceilings, reduces all surface imperfections, tones down ceiling glare and provides maximum diffused light.
WATERBORNE CEILING PAINT 508 is users safe and environmental friendly in trace VOC* content formula.
The paint characterizes excellent hiding power, extended open-time to avoid lap marks, spatter-resistance and full range of colors.

* Product with trace VOC content according to “The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink, and Artist’s Colours Industry” (CEPE) and “British Coating Federation” guidelines. EU VOC limit for this product (Cat. A/a): 30 g/l (2010). Max. VOC: 1 g/l

Health and ecology

Product qualifies for: LEED® v4 Credit, Green Seal™ GS-11 2015, CDPH v1 Emission Certified and CHPS low emitting credit (Collaborative for High Performance Schools.

Field of application

• traditional cement-lime and cement plasters
• thin-layered mineral and acrylic plasters
• high quality gypsum filling materials and gypsum substrates
• dry walls,
• wallpapers,
• construction building blocks
• concrete,
• latex paint coats renovation
• wood and wooden-like surfaces

It’s also possible to apply the paint to previously primed or painted wooden and wooden like substrates.

Colors and parameters

Colors: white and full range of colors in innovative Benjamin Moore tinting system GENNEX™ Platform.

Gloss grade: ultra-flat.

Coverage: approx. 10-12m2/l.

Packaging: 0,95l; 3,78 l; 18,9l.

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