Color brochures

Color brochures

Color Trends 2024

Check out our Color of the Year, Blue Nova 825/CC-860 and the 9 hues of the Color Trends palette

Off White Collection

White has the invaluable power of shaping the space. Combine shades and mix gloss levels for a unique effect. Play with white!

Timeless Neutrals

Invite subtle, nuanced color into your home with neutrals that envelop and inspire.

Neutrals and Grays

Explore the depth and long-lasting impressions that neutrals and grays offer.

Fresh Pales

Discover flattering paint colors to create beautiful backdrops that feel modern and fresh.

Dramatic Deeps

Explore rich and dramatic paint colors that create stand-out-from-the-crowd impressions.


Colors designed to live together.

Exterior Collection

Find stunning color combinations for your home exterior curated by our color experts.

Historical Collection

Rooted in history, iconic today.

Color Stories

Two hundred forty, one-of-a-kind full-spectrum colors have been meticulously handcrafted into a astanoishing collection


Make it easier to select paint colors with these 75 timeless, tried-and-true hues.

Interior Combinations

Jumpstart your next project with beautiful color combos selected by our color and design experts.

Kids' Rooms

Discover more color combos with our online exclusive color brochure.

Pale & Pastels

Get expertly curated paint color combos in our online exclusive color brochure.

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