Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Once upon a time in America...The legendary Benjamin Moore brand.

Benjamin Moore, founder of Benjamin Moore & Co. was born in 1855 in Ireland (died 1917).
His father, also Benjamin, served in the Imperial Army of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, and retired as a farmer and settled permanently in Ireland. It was here in Ballybay, County Monaghan that young Benjamin grew up.
In 1872, the ambitious Benjamin, not yet 17, boarded a ship in Queenstown and emigrated to New York. He settled in Brooklyn, where he quickly found work as a paint salesman.
This is how the story of one of the greatest visionaries and innovators in the paint industry began, who together with his brothers created a perfectly recognizable brand associated with the highest quality. A brand that sets the directions of development.

The very beginning in Brooklyn

History of Benjamin Moore & Co. dates back to 1883.
In January 1883, brothers – Benjamin and William founded the "Moore Brothers Paint Company", which was located in a small loft at 55 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.
Young entrepreneurs started their business with capital of $2,000.
The first product that was created in the factory was the lime paint "Moore's® Prepared Calsom Finish".
After a few months of operation, William decided to sell his shares in the company to the third of the brothers - Robert, who together with Benjamin developed their business to start the proper company Benjamin Moore & Co.
Despite some difficulties, in the first year the brothers made a clear profit of $2,000 - 100% on the original investment.
Unfortunately, in the spring of 1884, a fire turned the building into ashes. Fortunately, all employee escaped, and as befits a leader, Benjamin Moore was the last to leave.
Determined, Benjamin returned to business in just three days, this time in a new location on Water and Adams Street, also in Brooklyn.
The business of Moore Brothers continued to expand. Such appeared to be the Company's potential for the future that, a group of Benjamin Moore's friends recommended the incorporation of the enterprise
Accordingly in 1889, a New York corporation was formed, capitalized at 100 000 $. The first of board of directors was composed of Benjamin Moore, Robert M. Moore, William P. Talbot, George L. Gould, and Charles H. Bergmann.
Thus within six years of the time when he first established his own business, Benjamin Moore had considerably expanded the organization. In its first year, the new corporation increased its sale by approximately 100%.

Evertyhing started from lime...

The initial offer of the company was based on available binders.
"Moore's® Prepared Calsom Finish" limewash paint produced in white and in a range of 8 pastel shades, "Muresco" glue paint available in a palette of 18 colors, cement paint "Moore's Cement Coating" (12 shades) and "Moore's House Paint" produced on specially prepared linseed oil.
These products very quickly became top sellers at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, providing the company with stable income and a strong position on the American market.
Benjamin Moore had no training as a chemist, but he had a creative mind backed by practical experience.
It was his custom to carry a stub of pencil with which he would jot down on odd scraps of paper such new ideas for products and formulas.

What the logo conveys? What is its history?

It is difficult to clearly identify the first official logotype of Benjamin Moore & Co. Everything indicates that it was developed in 1917 by the company's advertising agency.
In 1925, after Benjamin's death, his nephew Livingstone L.P. Moore took over as president and made major changes to the brand's trademark. 
The new logotype took the form of three pyramids, the three sides of which symbolized the legendary, basic values referred to as the "Three I PRINCIPLES". It was formed by the first letters of the words: "Intelligence", "Industry" and "Integrity". The specific arrangement of three pyramids also refers to the initial of the company name - "M".
Soon, the company's employees began using the term "three triangles" to refer to the modified version of the mark, which, however, did not please the new president. According to his vision, the three sides of the pyramids identified the three main principles of Benjamin Moore & Co.
The concept of "Three I's" has been adopted as the main principle of the company in terms of customer service, suppliers and the way employees are treated. These values, now well known as Leadership, Innovation and Premium, legendary Quality, are still extremely important to the Benjamin Moore & Co. concern.
Logotype presented above comes from the 1960s. The traingle/M device and brand name were encapsulated in a shield-like shape.
In 2002, a new version of the logotype was developed, which until 2023 remained the basic form of brand identification and its communication with Business Partners and Customers.
This is the latest version of the trademark introduced on the 140th anniversary of the brand.
Benjamin Moore & Co. decided to recall the legendary values established by the founders, slightly changing the proportions between the two basic elements of the logotype.
The enlarged signet ring dominates the remaining verbal part of the sign.


The modern history of Benjamin Moore & Co. is marked by further, dynamic development.
In 2000, the concern joined the Berkshire Hathaway investment fund managed by one of the most famous investors in history - Warren Buffett.

Leader in the PREMIUM paint segment

Benjamin Moore & Co. is a leader in the production of luxury paints that set new standards and remain synonymous of elegance, prestige and the highest, iconic quality.
In Poland, since 1999, the official partner of Benjamin Moore &. Co and the exclusive representative of Benjamin Moore brand is B.M. Polska Sp. z o. o. with headquarter located in Warsaw.
The Benjamin Moore paints are available only in a network of selected, independent points of sale.
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