Benjamin Moore COLOR HUNTERS

Where do the Color of The Year and Color Trends for the new season come from?

Thousands of miles spent on travels, dozens of cities visited in countries on different continents, the most famous fairs and only 12 months to choose the Color of the Year ...
Observation and careful analysis of microtrends and phenomena in various fields - in art, design, culture, fashion, automotive, politics, all are reflected in color trends.
The TREND HUNTERS themselves from Benjamin Moore & Co.'s Color Team know best how long and complex the path to the final color choices for the new season is.
Our annual celebration of color is a result of a yearlong creative process and global exploration of color and design.
We take a veil of secrecy and reveal how we work.

Explore Influence

We start by studying consumer behavior, economics, cultural and environmental influences from all over the world.

Collect Inspiration

Our color and design experts travel near and far to gather insights from design trade shows, museums, exhibitions, seminars, and events across multiple industries.

Study the Technology

By considering the way technology influences the way we live, think, and feel from virtual realities to artificial intelligence we can see color in a new light.

Crunch the Data

By informing and validating our findings based on data collected from digital analytics, sales, and trade insights, we can see which colors our customers have been making their own time and again.

Interpret and Synthesize

We analyze and distill the information that is collected to reveal the most influential colors. These colors are then viewed through the lens of paint, so the hues on your walls stay relevant for years to come.

Who can best talk about the search for colors? "Color Hunters".

"We don't have the magic glass ball that tells us the Color of the Year," says Director of Color Marketing and Development, Andrea Magno, and adds “Signals about changing trends in a wide variety of industries, including fashion, art and even the world of politics. The next step is to analyze all the information gathered during the research of various disciplines in all geographic parts of the world and finally select common threads".

Who is behind it? Color Hunters ...

Andrea Magno - Director of Color Marketing and Development at Benjamin Moore & Co. plays a major role in the development of color tools and design research. During 12 years of work with the group, Andrea has been actively involved in various projects related to color, interior design and other related paint and varnish industries. It has had many publications both in the mass media in America and abroad. She is a member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and IIDA (International Interior Design Association).
Hannah Yeo - Color & Design Manager at Benjamin Moore & Co. She joined the group in 2009 as the youngest person in the department. She is a member of the "Color, Innovation & Design Team", foretelling trends, creating colors and overseeing the work of four sub-brands in the Benjamin Moore & Co. portfolio.
Her recommendations appear in many national and foreign mass media.
Sharon Grech - Media Spokesperson, Colour Marketing Development at Benjamin Moore and Color & Décor Ekspert on the Cityline TV show. She gained the opinion of an enthusiast, authority and recognized spokesman in the field of broadly understood color, interior design and trends. Thanks to her great passion, Sharon has become an undisputed expert in the most popular Canadian lifestyle program "Cityline" (since 1997). Behind the scenes, he works with the Benjamin Moore Color & Design Team, where he diagnoses and studies trends, helps develop new color collections, and shares his color and paint expertise with clients, media and professionals in North America.
Arianna Cesa, Color Marketing and Development at Benjamin Moore.
Molly Hannelly, Color Marketing & Design Specialist.
Anastasia Livcha - Gourley, Social Media Manager - Color & Design.

One of 3500 shades...

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